Crush Your Comfort Zones Free 5 Day Challenge

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Do you hold onto your comfort zone like a nunu-blanket? Do you avoid your discomfort zone like the plague? Yes?

Guess what? That makes you human! Congratulations!

You’re not alone, everyone feels that way. The difference is, those people who are leaders in their fields are the people to do something about it, in spite of their discomfort, they take action.

I have so many portrait clients who admit to me, after their shoot, that they had delayed booking their photo session with me for months because they were too daunted by facing their fear of being photographed. It wasn’t until they pushed through the resistance that they realized that the reality of the experience was far less scary than what their imagination had concocted.

Every time you step outside your comfort zone you:

  • Diminish self doubt, increase self-belief and improve your self-image
  • Learn to accept & love your authentic, fallible self
  • Realize how much you can achieve
  • Begin eroding negative thought and behaviour habits
  • Make progress towards achieving your goals and dreams
  • Release fear
  • Take back control of your life

Take my free 5 day challenge to become aware of the power of the discomfort zone and see how small changes can have a big impact on your Mind, Body & Soul Confidence.