Day 5 – Step It Up

It’s the final day of the 5 day Free Crush Your Comfort Zones Confidence Boosting Challenge!

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  1. Think about the new skills you’ve always wanted to learn or the new adventures you’ve always wanted to experience.
  2. Sign up, join, submit your application, make the booking, set the date – commit to doing the things you’ve been putting off all these years! Let this be the year that you finally do it! Take the first step!
  3. Remember to share your thoughts and experiences in the Crush Your Comfort Zones Facebook Group or on social media using the hashtag #CrushYourComfortZones. If this challenge was an easy one for you, firstly – YAY You!! And secondly, share your thoughts, experience and advice for the benefit of those who struggled with this challenge!
  4. Even though the 5 day challenge had come to an end, I’d love for you to continue to share how you’re stretching your comfort zones on a daily basis. It’s a lifestyle and mindset choice that will lead directly to you experiencing life as the colorful and fulfilling adventure that it is!
  5. Watch out for a special gift I’m sending you, just because you chose to Crush Your Comfort Zones!

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