A while back I wrote a blog post in which I shared a comprehensive list of Cape Town based Beauty Bloggers. That post got me thinking about the impact that these girls have on the confidence levels of their readers. I see them as writers who share their thoughts and opinions on various products and services which are aimed at making the women who read their posts, feel good about themselves.

Any efforts and causes by women that are intended to positively impact and uplift other women, is all good in my books!

That’s when I got the idea to challenge these bloggers!

I invited 10 of the bloggers on my list to participate in my #CTConfidence challenge – a reverse before and after photo shoot with yours truly.

#CTConfidence challenge – a reverse before and after photo shoot

Their Before photos were the ones with all the makeup, hair done and beautiful outfits.

Their After photos, and the big reveal, saw them without makeup, hair undone and wearing their comfiest sweat pants.

The experience was enlightening and interesting to see how the girls responded to the process. Some were reserved and clearly a little uncomfortable with the notion of being photographed without makeup, but determined to accept the challenge. Others fully embraced it and actually enjoyed the After shoot more than the Before!

I asked them to give me their thoughts on what confidence meant to them…

What Does Confidence Mean to These Cape Town Bloggers?

Confidence to me is wearing no makeup, no designer threads, and no filters, and still feeling beautiful and comfortable. ~ Eloise from EloiseDreyer.com

Confidence means being happy and feeling comfortable with your appearance and the place you are in your life. Being grateful that you are who you are right now. ~ Lauren from Dear Heart Beauty

To me confidence is fully accepting yourself…flaws, strengths, they all make you you. So why not embrace that uniqueness rather than doubt yourself. Confidence is actually easy, just be you. ~ Abby from One Stilletto at a Time

Being confident means loving yourself as you are. Not trying to be someone else, not being envious of others. Loving you! ~ Cara from Carafay

Cara’s Makeup by Lara Gwyne

Confidence means being comfortable in your own skin,with who you are and I don’t think it’s about the makeup that you’re wearing or the clothes that you’re wearing. I think first and foremost, it’s about being happy with who you are and comfortable. ~ Candice-Lee from In My Bag

Confidence is the belief in your own self worth. The belief that you can achieve whatever you set out to do, no matter the opinions of others. Confidence is the belief that you have value. ~ Meg from Mind The Curves

Confidence is being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about embracing and accepting your co-called flaws and making the most of your best features. ~ Chereen from For the Beauty of It

Chereen’s makeup by Ashleigh Strydom

Confidence to me means loving all that you are and not needing any validation of your worth from anyone else but you. ~ Charlene from GeeWhiskers

Confidence is carrying yourself with a quiet strength and inner belief that you know you are worthy, despite what you look like or what others say about you. Embracing your uniqueness and celebrating what makes you, you! ~ Kathryn from Becoming You

Confidence means being comfortable in your own skin – knowing your strengths, your style and your best attributes and never being swayed from these as they make you who you are. Truly confident and therefore, beautiful. ~ Victoria from Kiss, Blush & Tell


What Does Confidence Mean to You?

This project has really inspired me to dig deeper into the concept of confidence and what it means to the women of Cape Town and everywhere else. Observing the different responses from these girls has challenged MY OWN definition of confidence. So I’d love to hear from you –

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