I’m fast discovering that I LOVE photographing women from other countries. Photographing Digital Nomad Women in Cape Town is opening my eyes to a world of possibility and inspiration!

In the past few years travel has risen to my top list of values. In 2019 I’ve been blessed to visit the UK, The Netherlands and Singapore.

Living in South Africa though – so far from everything and with a currency that doesn’t get us very far – does introduce a level of limitation in my plans for global travel.
But the next best thing, however, is connecting with women from other parts of the world who make their way to our beautiful Cape Town shores and then while on holiday or workation, book a Personal Branding, Headshot or Lifestyle shoot with me.

Interacting with these women gives me a similar high to the one I get from visiting distant shores and experiencing different cultures.

An added bonus that comes with getting to know these world travellers, is that they’re so appreciative of Cape Town and South Africa in general. When they describe how beautiful our country is and how grateful they are to be here and experience it, I’m given the opportunity to see my homeland through new eyes, with a renewed appreciation for how fortunate we are to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

I’m given the opportunity to see my homeland through new eyes, with a renewed appreciation for how fortunate we are to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

It’s easy, when the routine of life gets in the way, to forget that we have so much on our doorstep that’s considered world-class. From the natural elements – beaches, mountains, forests and wide open spaces, to the world-class venues and experiences like vineyards, restaurants, hotels and attractions.

When overseas guests book me for photoshoots, I feel like I walk away with just as much value as they do – a renewed appreciation for our beautiful country.
And to be able to capture our visitors in these beautiful surroundings is an absolute gift. It hardly feels like work.

Global Entrepreneurs in Cape Town

In my time as a women’s portrait photographer in Cape Town, I’ve photographed several visitors from Germany, The Netherlands, The UK, Australia, Norway, The USA, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, and I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t recall them right now.

And each time, I’m in awe of what these women are doing in the world and I’m forever grateful that our paths crossed while they visited the city of Cape Town. Through our conversations, they open my eyes to what’s possible as a modern women in a solopreneur world. Too often we get bogged down by our own limitations and daily routines. Having quality chats with someone who’s perspective and experience is totally different to mine, expands my thinking about what’s possible.

…they open my eyes to what’s possible as a modern women in a solopreneur world.


Female Digital Nomads in Cape Town

The reason there are so many female Digital Nomads in Cape Town, is not only because of the beauty this city offers (of course that’s part of it!), but it’s because there’s so much infrastructure set up to allow these digital, location independent solopreneurs to work from here. There are so many hot desking, co-working spaces and coffee shops for these intrepid travellers to work from, like Spaces, Greenpoint Co-working, Inner City Cartel and Workshop 17 to name a few. Coupled with the fact that there are fabulous women-centric networking opportunities dotted around our beautiful city, so these women have the opportunity to meet other like-minded and local women. Networking groups like Xtraordinary Women and of course my own meetup group – the Over Coffee Confidence Meetups. It’s a real no-brainer for these women from all over the world to come to Cape Town, have fun, do work, meet people and have a photoshoot while they’re at it.

Meet Julia Mother-F*cking Wells – Digital Nomad

One such woman, who has gone on to inspire me long after her Personal Branding Shoot is Julia Wells. Whoa, baby! And yes, that’s her Instagram handle – @juliamotherfuckingwells. She also runs a very active and eye-opening Facebook group called Visible AF. Join it!

If you’re a female entrepreneur and you’re ready for a fresh approach to business, then this a woman you NEED to know. She’s a digital nomad from America and has been building her business online according to her own terms, while she travels the world, for the past 5 years.
She’s not afraid to say what she thinks and she truly epitomises feminine confidence and non-conformity. Two things I aspire to, and which are essential for the female Digital Nomad lifestyle.

We had an amazing shoot in her gorgeous airbnb back in August, and I’ve continued to follow her ever since, taking notes on how she’s showing up in the world and how she’s using the images we created together to fulfil her purpose and launch her fabulous new podcast, Wait WTF.

She’s truly making an impact on me and thousands of other women across the globe by demonstrating that entrepreneurship isn’t a one size fits all.

From her nomadic lifestyle, to her personal branding photo shoot, it’s clear that this woman is confident, she’s on purpose and she’s making a difference in this world, and she’s owning her unique flavour. And that’s what this life is all about!

When I asked Julia why she does what she does, she answered…

“I think women are so freaking powerful and have so many solutions and answers for all thats broken in our world and I want to help them have the confidence, online presence and business that allow them to do that work and get paid well for it.”

And of course, looking at her online business, and her portrait photos, it’s easy to see that Julia IS CONFIDENT. But was it always that way? I asked her…

What role has confidence played in your journey? On both ends of the spectrum – Both lack of confidence and full of confidence?
Oh man, when I first started my business I had ZERO. I was so used to identifying with a title, my salary, my accomplishments, etc. When I gave that up and started something new, I was terrified. I also hadn’t ever coached outside of a 9-5 where I was the face of the brand and the product/service itself and it felt terrifying, like I could really fuck something up. NOW – I’ve built this foundation where it’s pretty effin hard to rock me these days. I know that I can make mistakes. I give myself permission to be imperfect and wrong. I love all the parts of me, both “good and bad”. It allows me to show up fully, to be way more present, to focus on my clients and my work versus my own shit. And it’s allowed me to grow my business and be way more successful. 
And her final parting advice…
Do the work to trust yourself fully, own and accept all parts of you. Don’t try to be like anyone else. The stuff that you think makes you weird, unfit, etc is the stuff that people are dying to see and will make you tons of money.
Now if that doesn’t inspire you to build your life in a way that lights you up, that bucks the traditional cookie-cutter approach to business, then I’d encourage you to reach out and meet these confident digital nomad women, buy them a coffee and have a very real conversation. Like me, I think you’ll learn so much about confidence and be inspired to change the way you’re seeing and doing your life.

View more of Julia’s Personal Brand Photos Here.

Are you a female digital nomad in Cape Town?

Where are you from? And how long are you here? Fancy meeting up for a coffee? Pop me a comment below or send me a message.
Interested in booking your own Personal Branding Shoot while you’re in Cape Town? Let’s make it happen! I can’t wait to meet you!