In this video we show you the behind the scenes of our DIY Autumn/Fall Portrait Photo Shoot Sunday Adventures.

The Reality of Creative Entrepreneurship

The reality of entrepreneurship is that sometimes days can go by when you haven’t gotten out of your pyjamas. At least that’s the reality for me! And this has been the case over the past week. I’ve been ‘surgically attached’ to my laptop and my bathrobe! Partly because of the cold weather, and partly because of my editing workload at the moment.

Needless to say that I’ve been going stir-crazy!!

So after being cooped up indoors all of Saturday with some crazy weather outside, we saw the sunshine on Sunday and headed out with our cameras. I needed some updated photos for my social media and website anyway, and so what does a photographer do when she needs photos? She ropes in her husband, hands him a camera, and tells him to aim and fire! Of course, it helps that he’s technically excellent at photography too (he’s my original photography teacher from back in the day!!)

We adventured around Constantia in Cape Town, among the autumn leaves and vineyards at Groot Constantia and captured some awesome photos! I needed some photos for my Instagram feed ‘cos it needs a li’l overhaul, as well as for marketing material for my upcoming Bristol and Amsterdam trip. (I’m taking bookings for while I’m there, so needed some pictures of me with my camera to communicate that point!)

Our Sunday Adventure Around Constantia, Cape Town

As an entrepreneur I’ve developed a strange bitter-sweet relationship with weekends. I love them and hate them.

Because I love my work so much, weekends often feel like an inconvenience.

Intellectually and spiritually though, I know that I need to step away from work to get more balance with life outside of the business. And I really do feel the difference when I do allow myself some creative playtime. That’s why I built the Confident Creative Academy – to encourage us creative entrepreneurs to consciously play more! So I’m mindful of taking my own advice.

Another part of my ‘dislike’ for weekends, is that sometimes it feels like the only thing we can ‘do’ on the weekend is go out to eat. Do you know what I mean? Often times we don’t WANT to go out to eat, but we DO want to go out. So building our Sunday Adventures around a fun photo shoot like this feels a whole lot more significant and memorable. It’s constructive and creative at the same time, plus it takes us to some beautiful locations in and around Cape Town, and we have fun together doing something enjoyable. A good recipe for marriage, I reckon!

Watch our DIY Autumn/Fall Portrait Photo Shoot Sunday Adventures Video

Take a look at what we got up to. I love to step out of my creative comfort zone and try something for the sake of experimentation. So if you’d like some inspiration for your next Sunday Adventure….

Here’s the Photos from our Sunday Adventures Photoshoot

Take a look at the photos we captured… not too shabby, don’t you think?


What do you think? Let me know in the comments down below…

And tell me – what Sunday Adventures do you enjoy?