So recently I chopped off a rather substantial portion of my hair, and being one to walk my talk, I had to update my profile pictures across my social media profiles, to ensure that the real me reflects what people see online.

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Over the years, I’ve become rather adept at shooting my own profile pics out of necessity. From trying out lighting setups, to practicing poses, to just satiating my need for instant gratification rather than organising a shoot with another photographer. I’m a serious DIY girl at heart.

So today’s new profile pictures were no different.

I’m the DIY Queen!

I thought I’d show you some behind the scenes to show you how I get my results.

So first thing you need to know is, I usually shoot all my own profile pictures at home in our apartment. It’s a small space, but it has loads of natural light. So even on a day like today when it’s overcast and drizzly, I can still get loads of beautiful light flooding in.

The second thing you need to know is, as well as being the DIY Queen, I’m also the Duchess of Quick and Easy. So when I do things for myself, I generally don’t like to faff. I save the faffing for my clients and keep the Quick and Easy for myself. (That way, my clients know they’re getting value for money.) Plus if you’ve ever been photographed by me – you’ll know that I choose natural light over studio light, any day of the week!

So in this case, quick and easy means no studio lighting, just natural light and reflectors.

Behind the Scenes

You can see here that my desk at home, which is my chosen backdrop, is in close proximity to a large window.

Abigail K DIY Natural Light Profile Picture Headshot

So then I just used 2 reflectors to bounce the window light back to my desk where I’ll be sitting.

Abigail K Profile Picture DIY natural Light Headshot with reflectors

I had the best of intentions of sitting calmly on my chair and using my remote trigger to fire the camera but then, as luck would have it, technology failed me, and my remote trigger decided not to work. I think it’s got something to do with that one time when the batteries leaked out their white, crusty innards all over the transmitter. I’ll have to sort that out at some point. So Plan B – trusty Plan B – was to set the 10 second timer on the camera and run back and forth from the camera to the chair.

Of course the problem there is that the camera doesn’t know where to focus, because while I’m pressing the shutter button, there’ nothing but a blank wall to focus on.

So that’s where the lamp comes in…

Abigail K Profile Picture DIY natural Light Headshot with reflectors


I set the lamp up on the chair in approximately the position that my face would be and focused the camera.

Then I press the shutter button and simply move the lamp out of the way.

The Final Photos

And hey presto….my new profile pics! I like to shoot a series of images so I have a few to chose from and to use for various purposes over a period of time.

Abigail K Profile Picture DIY natural Light Headshot with reflectors

P.S. I like tea – a lot!

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