I have a slight but distinct Instagram addiction appreciation. I scour the beautiful images several times a day, constantly amazed by the quality of work that people are creating, the experiences that they’ve captured and the creativity they’re inspiring. I’m not too proud to admit that I often look at an image and wish I’d created it.

My favourite part of Instagram is clicking onto someone’s profile and seeing their entire collection of images in one spot, side by side, spanning their entire existence on the mobile app.

Personal Branding Desk Top with books, coffee and reading glasses Photography by Abigail K

What Does Instagram Say About You?

Some feeds are slick and sophisticated, meticulously curated with only certain subject matter, style, colour or other pre-determined elements permitted in the collection. Others are colourful, chaotic and random creating a picture of real life with all it’s perfect imperfections. My feed, I think, is somewhere in between.

As much as I want my feed to be an example of all my best work, I am more than a photographer, and I lead a normal life that involves things like grocery shopping, (uggh), housework (yuk!) and dog walking (yay!). So I choose to bring both sides into my Instagram feed to create a holistic picture (pardon the pun!) of who I am and what I do. This is a brand choice I’ve made, to share and show my client work as well as my personal life. The reason I chose to do this, is because I want to connect with the kinds of people who resonate with my work as well as me as a person. That’s how relationships are built – the whole ‘know, like and trust’ factor.

Whenever I come across an impeCafinnate Academyble body of work, without any insight into who the creator is, I instantly feel a distance with that person. I may admire their work, but I’m keenly aware of an ‘untouchable/unrelatable/unapproachable’ feeling I have towards that person. I’m sure I can’t be the only one that feels that.

That’s why I think it’s so important to make sure that the images you share online reflect the kind of values and virtues you want people to associate with you and your brand.

Granted this doesn’t only apply to Instagram. This applies to your website, your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook page and any other platforms that allow your potential audience to engage with you through the medium of images and photographs.

Personal Branding Photo Shoot With Liz

I recently did a Personal Branding Shoot for Liz who is in the process of developing her website. I’m so glad she reached out to me at the very beginning of her website design process, so that her designer has all the elements they need from the start which will, in the end, lead to a more seamless and cohesive overall look which will definitely be a plus for her personal brand and those all important first impressions.

Liz offers speech writing, speech coaching and facilitation, and with an exceptional ability with words and language, it was important that the images spoke her brand. Pardon the pun!

I told Liz to bring in items that she works with on a regular basis and she obliged by lugging her flipcharts, books, pens, laptop and reading glasses into the studio. While she was having her hair and makeup done, I set to work photographing the bits and bobs she’d brought in.


Personal Branding Desk Top with books, coffee and reading glasses Photography by Abigail K

Personal Branding Desk Top with books, coffee and reading glasses Photography by Abigail K

I wanted to capture her experience and professionalism through the quality books she reads and references in her work. I wanted to communicate the essence of what she does on a day to day basis, drinking coffee while she reads and writes, as well as her facilitation process when she’s working directly with a client.

Once hair and makeup was done, we got Liz in front of the camera, both interactive shots where she was ‘doing her job’ and the standard portraits for her to use as profile pictures.

Liz-001Copyright- (c) Abigail K Photography

Personal Branding Portrait Photography by Abigail K

Personal Branding Portrait Photography by Abigail K


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Liz can now use these images on her new website to…

  1. Show who she is
  2. What she does
  3. How she does it

I’d certainly feel able to approach her based on these images, wouldn’t you?

Do you see images that people or businesses have shared online and wondered what they were thinking? Or did their images impact your decision to reach out to them, or not? I’d love to hear your experience of this in the comments below…