A belated Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year to you… 

This gap between Christmas and New Year always feels like a ‘get out of jail free’ card, like in Monopoly. It’s a week where we (I) get to do as much or as little as we (I) want. GUILT-FREE! Prioritising what feels good to do (or not to do)… that’s what this week between Christmas and New Years means for me.

How about you? 

How about that Burn-Out?

If I’m honest, there have been some moments in the past year when I haven’t felt like doing ANYTHING. Probably the closest I’ve come to what people describe as burn-out. Which has made me more acutely aware of the importance of practicing self-care. We all know we need to do it, we all know how to do it, but often we just don’t get round to doing it.

 A Personal Self-Care Invitation FOR YOU:

Here’s my personal invitation to you to join me in practicing some self-care, together, this week.

Join me for a free Year End Reflection Session this week.

In this live session we’re going to go through a series of prompts to reflect on the past year, and set our intentions for the year ahead so that we start 2021 feeling light, clear and confident.

It’s easy to SAY you’re going to do this valuable practice, but ACTUALLY DOING IT, is often easier said than done. By setting a date and time, and by showing up together, we can make sure we actually do this practice…. together. #accountability


Join in if you want to let go of the year that has been and step into the new year with clarity and lightness.

Give yourself this gift – This is just for you – a pocket of self-care time between the chaos of holidays.

End of Year Reflection Session:

Date: Wednesday 30th December 2020 11:00 SAST
Place: Facebook or YouTube Live

I hope to see you in the comments section of this Reflection Session. If I don’t, I sincerely wish you peace, harmony, good health and impact in 2021. 

We’ve all come a long way, and it’s made us stronger for the journey ahead. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement this year, and thank you for allowing me to support and encourage you too.

We’re in this together.

Much Love,