…and this isn’t the first time!!

When I moved to Cape Town 10 years ago, I had no idea I’d meet my very own Fairy Godmother!

This is the stuff of little girls’ dreams afterall.

But I did! And not only that, I’ve gone on to befriend and even capture her on my camera!

‘They’ say that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Well, this is one person I WANT to spend more time with!

Video is where it’s at!

I recently added ‘Video Production‘ to my service offering and it’s all because of this woman!

At the beginning of the year Donna McCallum A.K.A. The Fairy Godmother called me up and asked (again!) whether I would consider going into video production. Until then, I’d been stubborn about sticking to my ‘Photographer’ label. But the reality is that video is the way of future marketing.

From live streams to stories to vlogs to webinars to personal brand videos to sales videos – the writing’s on the wall!

Video is here to stay, and if you’re not already doing it, you’re not only missing out – you’re falling behind!

This is one of the many, many, many reasons I love Donna so much! She’s on it! She’s up there with the best of them, playing the big game and making a MASSIVE impact on the world!

I’ve seen it when I’ve photographed her in the past, and I’m seeing it now while filming her!!

Between you and me, an added bonus of filming a sales video series, is that as the videographer and editor, I’m the first person who gets to ‘consume’ the delicious content that the Expert, in this case, Donna, is sharing.

I see and hear it while I’m filming AND I see and hear it while I’m editing.


The Fairy Godmother’s Free Money Magic Series

And honestly, I have to tell you about the powerful video series I’ve just filmed and edited for Donna.

We just wrapped up Donna’s Money Magic series!

In this series Donna teaches about Money and how we get in our own way of having more of it. I mean, who doesn’t need more money, right?!

So while I was editing these videos listening to what Donna was teaching, I’d stop the edit and take note of the things that I need to do, or things that I need to stop doing, with regard to my own money.

I realised that if I want to increase not only my bank balance and net worth, but my confidence around money too, I had some money-work to do!

And I know that for many of us our confidence issues are reflected in our financial situation.

So from an insider who’s worked directly with The Fairy Godmother – the Fairy Godmother who’s magic power is to help us become more confident with money, I’d HIGHLY recommend that you watch this video series.

She shares some practical things you can start doing TODAY to build your money confidence. It’s a totally free series and your investment of time will be worth it, I promise!

From someone who’s spent HOURS filming and editing these videos, I’ll be going back in to watch them again and do the exercises Donna suggests.

So if you’re the kind of woman who knows that she could be more financially confident, watch the first video in this free training today! The second video goes live tomorrow.

P.S. Once you’ve watched the videos – let me know what you think! Of Donna’s training, and also my filming and editing skills! Let me know in the comments below….