I’m so thrilled to share another small win! (A large portion of building your confidence is about celebrating your small wins, right?!)

I’ve been featured in Essentials Magazine July 2017 issue in an article about how online courses have changed my business. This could not come at a more opportune time especially as I recently launched my Conscious Confidence Course (and have just this weekend set my sights on creating my next online course!)

New Ways To Find Happiness

The full article is all about how technology has positively impacted our lives, starting with one woman who met her future husband through a dating app, another woman who reached her weight-loss goals through a fitness app, and myself and how signing up to online courses shifted my focus in photography to specializing specifically on creating confidence building portraits for women, until eventually creating my own online courses.

There’s rarely a day that goes by that I’m not in some way using technology to make my life easier and happier. I’m sure you can relate.

Sure, there’s some days, where the habit and obsession with technology becomes more of a hinderance than a help (Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest time-warps, anyone?).

On the whole though, technology is my friend and I’m grateful for all the ways in which it helps me become a more effective person and business owner.

Imagine I’d Never Signed Up To Those Online Courses

This article got me thinking – Imagine I had never been introduced to those online courses. The courses that so profoundly changed the trajectory of my business. Where would I be right now? And in fact, what am I missing out on now, that I’m not even aware of? It boggles the mind, and probably doesn’t bare thinking of.

I wasn’t always au fait with technology though. As comfortable as I am with it now, I remember a time when someone had to explain to me how Outlook worked and that sending emails didn’t cost me money each time I hit ‘send’. I remember grappling with it and feeling scared and uncertain about what I was doing, incase I might break something.

Now I embrace my geeky nerdiness – happy to slap a website or two together when I need to, tinkering with a little bit of code here and there, hacking together a little work-around to an online problem and being all sorts of connected on the internet. I can’t imagine a version of me that isn’t comfortable with technology.


Technology & Confidence

You want to know what the main factor in me becoming so adept with technology was?

The competence-confidence cycle.

The more competent I became with something, the more confidence I had in my ability with it. And the more confidence I had in my ability with technology, the more I explored it and increased my competence. And so it goes on and on. If I couldn’t figure out what to do next, I could find a Google link or a Youtube video to help me. Or hey – maybe even an online course!!

I can honestly say that I’m so grateful for the positive impact that online courses and online technology has had on me and my business. My knowledge and experience in this regard has really shaped who I am and formed a large part of my identity. May I never stop learning!

Now over to you!

How has technology positively impacted your life or business, and how has it helped increase your confidence?

How do you keep up to date with technology?