In all the excitement of the end of the year, I didn’t get to share these two highlights from 2019.

Brag with Confidence

Side Note: I’m learning on this journey of confidence that being able to brag is a character trait of a confident woman who’s not afraid to acknowledge when she’s hit a milestone or achieved a goal. We’ve been taught as kids that it’s rude to brag, but in actual fact, that silly ‘rule’ prevented us from acknowledging our progress and stripped us of our self-worth. Our bragging pegs give us the hooks to hang our self-acknowledgment on.

Of course, bragging is to be done in a way that excludes all judgement of others. When we brag, it’s not about making ourselves appear ‘better’ than someone else. Let us intend it only as that personal acknowledgement and a source of inspiration for others who might aspire to similar outcomes.

Brag No.1: Interview on Goodhope FM

So back to my brags… Back in August 2019 (Women’s Month in South Africa) I was interviewed on one of Cape Town’s top radio stations by Geri Saunders for her “In Her Shoes” segment, and it’s only now that I’m reflecting on 2019, that I realised I’ve never shared this interview.

In this interview I shared my journey as a female solopreneur creative and how I’ve made it my mission to help women face and overcome their self confidence issues through the medium of photography and through my online academy, the Confident Creative Academy, which was launched at the beginning of 2019.

goodhope fm interview n her shoes interview with abigail k on goodhope fm with geri saunders

Take a listen to this interview to learn more about my journey, and be inspired to take action on that thing that’s telling you it’s your purpose, even though you have no idea what you’re doing!


In Her Shoes Interview – Geri Saunders & Abigail K


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Brag No.2: Featured in Wellness Warehouse Magazine

Last year I got the opportunity to photograph the editor of the content-rich Wellness Warehouse Magazine, Lara Potgieter. If you open up the latest copy of the magazine, you’ll see her gorgeous portrait on the Ed’s page.

So what a treat it was to have an entire double page write up about my mission of elevating women’s confidence through my Specialist Women’s Portrait Photography & my Confident Creative Academy. When I read things about myself in a fancy magazine, I get a sense of what it feels like for my clients to come to my studio for their photoshoot. It’s kind of weird and uncomfortable and surreal – purely because it’s not an everyday occurrence.

Speaking of photo shoots – you can book a 2020 Personal Branding shoot at 2019 prices (see my pricing page for the 2020 packages), if you book before 31st January 2020. Get in touch for your obligation-free Personal Brand consultation and let’s make those images to boost your brand and your confidence!

So if you want to read this article you can catch the online version of the October – December 2019 issue over on the Wellness Warehouse online magazine.


Now it’s your turn to brag!

If 2020 is your year to make an impact, to make a difference, to make your goals and dreams a reality, then practice bragging! Give yourself the courtesy of acknowledging what you’ve achieved so far on your journey of entrepreneurship! And let me tell you – a well-shared brag does wonders for your personal brand as a solopreneur creative!

a well-shared brag does wonders for your personal brand as a solopreneur creative!

It shows your audience that you’re out there doing things, and being noticed! So don’t keep that to yourself – share your brag! You can practice by commenting below this post with your brag…. I can’t wait to celebrate with you and let’s make 2020 our year of brags!!

Cos’ let me tell you something… that’s exactly what I’m doing!