I recently had the honour of being featured in the Lionesses of Africa Startup Stories blog series. I only attended my first Lionesses meetup a couple of weeks ago so was thrilled when Melanie, Founder and Editor in Chief, asked if I would like to be featured.


The Process of Introspection

As well as being a chuffed to be asked, I also found this kind of writing quite cathartic, because in having to tell your own story, you have to do some introspection. I find that the process of introspection usually leads to at least two realisations:

  1. How far you’ve travelled on your journey and how much progress you’ve made along the way.
  2. The lessons you’ve learned on that journey and how they’ve helped shape the direction you’ve taken to get where you are now.

So not only is it a lovely confidence booster because of the external recognition you receive, but it’s also a confidence booster because of your own internal acknowledgement of how you’ve gotten to this point.

If you’d like you can read the feature here.

When last did you recount your story and realise a) how far you’ve come and b) what lessons you’ve learned along the way?

Did you find it a confidence boosting experience?