Yesterday I had the huge honour of hosting my very first Blog Photography Workshop.

It was a workshop intended to teach the basic principles of photography, so that the Average Jo, who isn’t a professional photographer, has the know-how to create pleasing images to compliment their blog posts.

Being the first one, of course, I had to test the waters on a few willing guinea pigs, who I knew would give me honest & candid feedback. And that they did.

So now I’m super excited to take their feedback, tweak my  content slightly and get this workshop going on a regular basis from the beginning of next year!

Dates & registration will be posted soon, so watch this space!

Here’s some behind the scenes shots of yesterday’s workshop…


Here’s some of the feedback I got after the workshop…

Letishia Charles What a fantastic morning getting to know my camera better Thanks to the amazing Abigail, a photographer I have always admired & someone I’ve been inspired by. Thanks so much for opening up a whole new world to me and the other wonderful ladies today!

Robyn Young Thank you SO much Abigail for the excellent workshop today. It was everything I expected and more. Yay!

 So if you’d be interested in attending my next workshop


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