One of the blessings from this lock down is the online connection that’s running far deeper than it ever has.

People and their businesses are evolving on a daily basis. If you think about it, we’re blessed to be witnessing a massive evolution in the species of humanity. When I stop to ponder that, I feel actual excitement to have the privilege to observe this moment in history with my own eyes.

Growing pains, disruption, ego based fear and suffering notwithstanding, we all are part of something amazing right now.

And to be able to share this with so many like-minded people who are choosing to look for the gifts and opportunities is proving to be the biggest gift of all.

Monthly Connection Over Coffee

I’ve been hosting my free monthly Over-Coffee Confidence meetups since early 2018, maybe even late 2017, because my desire to connect with other soul-aligned women was as real back then as it is today.

And thanks to EVOLUTION, those monthly coffee meetups have multiplied, expanded and are now accessible online to anyone, anywhere! My ambassadors from the Cafinnate Academy have rallied around and are creating and holding the space for even more women to connect with each other on a monthly basis at our newly named Cafinnate Meetups.

Yesterday I attended one of those meetups as a guest, hosted by Sonja McKaiser (@thecreativespacewithsonja), our Durbanville ambassador, after hosting my own meetup last week on the 1st April. And the other Ambassadors are each in turn holding the space for women to come together and connect. Ambassadors are even attending other ambassador’s meetups, to tap into the conversation, the coffee and the connection.

It’s beautiful to be part of this kind of community!

Each month we have a new topic of conversation and this month we’re talking all about Habits. At each meetup we discuss, but also do an exercise related to that topic, so that each person walks away with a tangible shift, even if it’s just a small one. The lessons we learn from whatever source, are only ever really integrated into our nervous systems when we experience them through taking action, and that’s what these meetups are all about – taking an action towards becoming our best, ‘holy-shit’ selves so we can create ripples in this world that are felt far beyond what we’re able to imagine.

So if you’d like to join me on any of my meetups, or any of the other Cafinnate Ambassador Monthly Meetups, get the details and register here.

Would you like to join our free monthly meetups?



How are you staying connected to people who keep you inspired and create a safe space for you to feel what you’re feeling during this chaotic transition period?