Happy Clients

What your confidence day did for me was to give me pure joy – once I’d gotten over the complete panic – and to have a day of fun and laughter JUST FOR ME (well- with you guys too 🙂 ). Now looking back at those photos reminds me of this and that one needs to enjoy and savour every moment of joy when you have it. The response from friends about the photos is overwhelming and makes me feel very proud of the fact that ‘I did it !’ and that there is a beauty within that can come out even when you feel exhausted and battered mentally. It makes me realise that I also need to look after ME and that it is OK to do so – not just look after everyone else. From my petrified self to the serious fun I had on the day to LOVING my pics !! It was a highlight for me forever !

Tracy Holmes

“I absolutely loved working with Abigail! The session unfolded with ease and joy. Abigail’s calm demeanor and confidence added to the relaxed atmosphere. I was most impressed with the end result as it was a spot-on presentation of the pre-brief and a beautiful and refreshing reflection of who I believe I am. It takes a true artist with a keen eye and deep insight to extricate the essence of their object. So here’s to you, Abigail! You are professional, brilliant and a lovely person to work with. Time spent in your company and in front of your camera lens leaves one with a long-lasting feeling of connection to all that is well, all that is beautiful and all that is balance and harmony.”

Maritza Breitenbach

“Abigail is an incredibly talented, skilled and professional photographer. She meaningfully engages you prior to the photoshoot in order to get a good understanding of your brand. She has a gift of truly capturing the story of your brand in a single image. She is great at directing the photoshoot, the quality of her photos are also of a world class standard. As an international speaker I engage with many people across the globe and so I need my images to be able to tell the story of my brand in any given context. The photos that Abigail took of me have received many complements from people all across the globe. I would highly recommend engaging Abigail’s services as her photos will do your brand justice.“

Sisi Nxumalo – Professional Speaker

The whole experience of being photographed by Abigail was beautiful. I felt truly seen, held, and guided in her presence. The loving light-filled container she holds made it easy for me to fully express my essence on camera, and her artistic vision and deep understanding of my brand and my “me-ness” brought a magical creative energy to the process. We had many laughs too, which is a sweet bonus! The photos left me breathless and I cannot wait to have the pleasure of being photographed by her again.

Catarina Andrade – Coach & Speaker

Thanks so much for the images, Abigail. Reading your post on your “Tuesday chat with…” was a truly heartwarming moment for me. I never expected the heartfelt words you put together and it made me feel very special. To be honest, I found myself reading it at least once everyday this week! Crazy, I know! But I think that every woman needs to hear those words, no matter who they are or how confident they seem to be. Again, thank you for your openness, your creativity and guidance during the shoot, how comfortable you make me feel around you, and just being your amazing self! Thank you, Letishia

Oh my, too much to say about Abby! I don’t mean to shock you but she is not a photographer !!! She is an Acrobat!! She has this marvelous ability to twist and turn herself into the most inexplicable, noodle like positions, just to get the perfect shot! To look at yourself through Abbys eyes, allows you to see yourself differently. In a good way 😉 So that means she’s a magician too. : ) She sees beauty, she shoots beauty & she captures beauty. So yeah, I guess that makes her a photographer too : ) . Abby is quite honestly one of the most inspirational, fun loving and creative woman I have ever met! In a nutshell, she is a Gosmackingly Brilliant Acrobatic-Photographic-Artist, that dabbles in Magic ! Ooo… I almost forgot, she is also Madame Santa Clause!! Waiting for those pics, feels like a Kid at Xmas!! I hereby declare to do my utmost to treat myself annually to an ‘Abby-Always shooting beauty ‘ shoot to celebrate my womanhood. Marina Redpath

Abigail puts you at ease immediately with her sense of fun and warmth. Her passion and excitement for the job at hand are contagious. You get to look and feel like a movie star for a day. Abigail’s photography is transformational and she has the rare gift of being able to capture your essence beautifully. When I got to choose my headshots, I could not believe that the cover girl staring back at me was actually ME! All in all a fabulous experience which I would do again in a heartbeat. Sue Biller

As I have my own on-line business, I recognised the importance of having a good public image. This meant having good profile pictures, but the thought filled me with dread. I am not exactly in the first flush of youth, in fact am not even in the second flush of youth so whoever was going to do the pics, had to be a bit of a magician. Enter Abigail Klopper. Professional, kind, patient and best of all, a magician. She captured the essence of who I believe I am and I could not be more thrilled. I would recommend her without hesitation.

~Ann Mackrill

From the moment my daughter and I walked into Abigails office we felt welcome. We were greeted with warm smiles and a wonderful lady helped do our hair and make up . we had lots of laughs and spent a fantastic mom and daughter morning together. Abigail made us feel like supermodels. Right from the way we needed to pose to the dressing up. As for the final photographs, they were amazing, thank you Abigail for the wonderful experience, I can’t wait to book our next shoot. It will definitely be with you. ~ Lindy

I’ve seen Abigail’s work before, so I thought that I knew what an amazing job she would do, but nothing could prepare me for the experience I was about to have. It far exceeded any expectation I could have had. I decided to do my beauty shoot as a celebration of my 40th Birthday and it was once of the best decisions I could have made. The whole shoot, from start to finish was fun, comfortable and it made me feel like I was a supermodel, even if just for one day. The finished product completely blew me away. I couldn’t believe that the girl in the pictures was me! Wow! I looked beautiful and any woman will tell you how hard it is to say those words about herself. Thank you Abigail, for making me feel like they do on the red carpet. Your professionalism, charm and charisma made the entire experience unforgettable… and I have the photo’s to prove it.

Mel Jones

Abigail was a real professional, with a very easy-going nature that helped us to relax into things quickly. It’s never a completely natural thing posing for photos so it really helps to have someone who can make you feel at ease and she did this amazingly. There were times when we forgot she was actually taking pics! Kathryn & Brad

On behalf of Tammy and myself, I would like to thank you for our makeover and photoshoot. Tammy couldn’t have asked for a better pre-birthday gift. We both loved our hair and makeup, thanks to, Leanne Muller. You have really brought across a more soft look, and had given us both a workout with those awkward poses, that end up looking fabulous! We look forward to seeing the final product. 🙂 Keep up your amazing work, and your vibrant personality! Tammy

WOW Abigail, you are a master cratfswoman! I had SUCH a wonderful time yesterday, you made me feel very comfortble and special! I have already recommended you to a client of mine, she will be contacting you shortly. Des Attwood

WOW! This is stunning!! Thank YOU for being a fantastic photographer, Abigail!!! Thank you for time yesterday too! Was great seeing you again! My mom & daughter loved it too! Letishia

What a treat to be photographed by you – I haven’t had so much fun in a long time! I really felt pampered and looked after, not only during the hair and make up session, but especially by you during the shoot. It was non-threatening, confidence-boosting, funny and totally enjoyable. You really do have an amazing skill in getting the best out of us ordinary folk and making us look and feel like super-models. Thank you Abigail for everything that you put into your work. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious and we see ourselves catching it through your lens. What a blessing. ~ Robyn Young

I was blown away by the magic that Abigail uncovered, when I first saw the photo’s from our photo shoot! The experience of having my hair and makeup done, followed by a series of fun & creative poses, was such a fun morning! Abigail is a genius behind the camera. She took me through the process with ease, getting the right angles and looks I loved the experience and would highly recommend it! 10 out of 10 – thank you Abigail. ~ Linda Smith

To anyone who sees these exquisite pictures on Abigails “walls” online… what goes on within you at Abigail K’s beauty shoots, and then at the final take, is transformational… Abigail’s talent goes deeper than just the click of the camera! What her talent gives is just so much more… I have continued to grow and blossom as the woman I once believed and knew I was… she re-painted me in these shots and this entire experience raised me up out of a “low confidence” zone and helped me recognize the light and magic within me that somehow us Moms tend to forget… and as a final blessing and continuation to the magical experience, my relationship with my beautiful daughter has deepened and grown to newer levels of fun, sharing and a different kind of closeness that we have NEVER had before… Thank you Abigail for everything that has unfolded as a result of this awesome PRIZE and gift at the most important day in a Mother’s life – the celebration and privilege of being a MOM – every year… I feel re-born! Kimmy

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the gift of my makeover shoot! As a new mom to 5 month old twins, just getting out of my pj’s everyday is a major feat. So having my hair and make-up done was such a treat. And then your professionalism and guidance during the shoot made me feel like a supermodel. I knew exactly what you wanted from me and you made me feel totally at ease. And the end result … Wow! Thank you for making me feel beautiful and giving me my confidence back. And for inspiring me to get out of my pj’s and make a small effort everyday. Cos that’s sometimes all it takes.  ~ Josie van Zyl

Hi Abigail

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the beautiful photographs that you took of me. Although I have gotten to know you quite well in the past, I was still a little nervous for the shoot because I am the one that is usually behind the camera and not in front. While I was having my make-up done I realized how insecure I actually am so the nerves got even worse. BUT you work in such a lovely and professional manner and made me feel so at ease and so beautiful, I felt like a movie star. I watched you do another glamour shoot of a client, and really you have a way with people and way of making them feel relaxed and beautiful from the inside out! I will definitely refer you to any of my friends who are wanting a glamour photo of themselves. Thanks so much Abi 🙂

Regards Jo Markland