My problem is – I have SO many ideas! I’m a creative – that’s what we do!

If you’re nodding your head right about now, that means you know what I’m talking about – because you’re a Creative too!!

The curse of the creative is that we have so many ideas, but we struggle with execution, which makes us feel crap.

Or, we have so many ideas, but we don’t believe we can achieve it, so we don’t bother trying, which makes us feel crap.

Or, we have so many ideas, but they don’t fit the ‘traditional’ model of businss, so we write it off, which makes us feel crap.

Or, the worst of all – we have so many ideas that we believe we CAN achieve, but we’re scared that a) the end result won’t be as awesome as what we imagined or b) this one idea will be so awesome that everyone will love it and we’ll be consumed with this one thing that we won’t have time or energy for all the other awesome ideas floating around in our heads.

Can you relate?

Been there, done that – continue to go there and do that! ?

All of this to say that our creativity is inextricably connected to our confidence, and vice versa.

Which is why I’m taking the first steps on a project I’ve been wanting to create for ages!

Telling you this is making it official! *Cue the sweaty palms!*

I’m creating a membership site for female creatives to help them (us) adopt a confident state of being every day, using a recipe for personal and professional confidence.

From managing the non-creative side of a creative business with confidence to creating a lifestyle of confidence-building personal habits.

This will be a community of women who consciously choose confidence everyday.

Phew! There – it’s out there now! It’s Official!!

Now there’s no going back!

I’ve got loads of work to do to get this idea to fruition, and I’d love a) you to keep me accountable and b) you to let me know if this sounds appealing to you.

You can sign up to the membership waitlist to get exclusive behind-the-scenes updates, early bird releases & special thank you’s for being founding community members!

Get on the Waitlist

Once you’ve got yourself on the waitlist, comment below and et me know what kinds of things you’d like to see in the membership site. I know what I’d like, but I want to create something that speaks directly to your confidence challenges!

They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Here goes step 2…

Yours in Confidence,