How do you celebrate yourself?

Or perhaps the better question is – DO you celebrate yourself?

I know I’m guilty of prioritising all the other things that need to get done ahead of my own wellbeing. Although the more I’ve become aware of the importance of ‘me-time’ as a refuel exercise to help me become more effective and present, rather than a self-indulgence, the more I’ve begun to put it into practice.

I’ve spoken to so many women over the years about how they celebrate themselves, and the thing I’ve come to realise is that it’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Each of us feels valued, honoured, refueled and renergized in different ways.

It’s Not A ‘one-size-fits-all’ Approach

For example some women will go on vacation or for a massage. Some women sit in silence and meditate to celebrate. Some women write in their gratitude journal while others will listen to the waves lapping on the beach. For some women, a fabulous new pair of shoes does the trick, while for others it’s a new hairstyle. Some women rally their girlfriends for a spot of high tea, while others go for a solitary walk in a labyrinth. Going for a run might be a celebration of self for some women, while watching Eat, Pray, Love on the couch is the sign of self-love for others.

How Lola Celebrated Herself

For one women, celebrating herself meant booking a photoshoot for her 30th birthday. Lola contacted me shortly before her birthday in March and when we met ahead of the shoot, she explained that she wanted to celebrate herself as a strong, young black woman and her upcoming birthday by acknowledging her journey so far and recognising that this milestone is one that signifies many transitions she’s currently growing from.

I thought this was such a special way for Lola to acknowledge and honour herself, and that many of us could take a leaf from her book.

So we took a walk around the colourful streets of Bo-Kaap on a super hot day in March and soaked up the sights and sounds! When we popped into Harvest Cafe for refreshments, they kindly allowed us to snap a few pics inside their coffee shop and on top of their roof which has the most amazing views!

What’s Your Intention?

The intention behind the things we do for ourselves is often more impactful than the actual thing itself. Of course (and it’s not because I’m bias!) a photoshoot has the added benefit of giving something tangible to forever go back to, to remind you of that time in your life, that chapter in your book, of your story, your resilience, your growth and the stepping stones that have led to the woman you are today.

However you choose to celebrate yourself, make sure you set the intention for it, to signify to yourself that your ARE important, you DO matter and YOU ARE WORTHY.

Whatever it is that makes you feel more connected to your purest self, that acknowledges and celebrates who you are, just the way you are, without any expectations or judgements, make sure that you regularly take time for yourself, or do something for yourself with the explicit intention of celebrating your uniqueness.

It’s the series of these moments in life that makes it memorable, valuable and impacftul.

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