Sometimes we come up against issues that, if we aren’t careful, can knock our confidence. When we’re triggered by these instances, we have one of two choices: Give into the feelings of inadequacy and allow it to eat away at our self-esteem or reframe the situation and choose to find the growth opportunity. This is the 1st of 4 videos where I’ll be talking about Reframing to build confidence.

The Comparison Trap

Comparison is one of those instances that can negatively impact our confidence. We’ve all done it: seen a gorgeous model-like girl with bouncy, shiny hair and a youthful, curves-in-all-the-right-places body. Or, your colleague at work seems to glide through her career, getting promotions and pay-rises every other month. Or perhaps you have a sister, and the comparison between you extends to everything from your appearance, your grades, your achievements, even down to the boys you date.

This is where you need to reframe the comparison.

Reframing Comparison

Instead of defaulting to those feelings of envy and self deprecation, begin to see those women as inspiration and evidence of what’s possible for you. Reframe and Believe that you’re seeing her now, at this time, because you need a clue and a taster of what could be your reality.

Like when you buy a car of a certain model, suddenly you see them all around you. When you see other women being, doing and having the life/body/happiness that you want, instead of comparing yourself and ticking off a mental checklist about how much better she is than you, look to her as a source of inspiration and evidence that what you want is possible, it exists., and it’s on its way to you, because you’re tuned into that outcome for yourself. Then you’ll start to notice that you’re surrounded by so much inspiration all around you and all that evidence is showing up to encourage you on your journey.

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