Earlier this week I sent out my newsletter and announced to my subscribers the gift I am sharing this Women’s Month. A discount across ALL my photo shoot offerings for the entire month of August*.

women's month photo shoot discount

I’m already so thrilled and grateful for the response I’ve received since sending out that newsletter and I’m officially going live with it here too… so [shameless plug] book your shoot now!

But then I saw this advert by Dove the next day and it made me stop and think about the duty we have, as women to feel good about ourselves. It’s a duty not just to ourselves, but to the women and girls in our lives.

Watch the ad below…

It’s a powerful message.

What we think and say about ourselves is being absorbed and repeated by our daughters, our sisters, our friends and anyone else that we have any influence on.

That’s a lot of responsibility.

In an era where we consume the opinions and messages sent out online by millions of people across the world, some we know personally, most we don’t. And all the while, never really thinking about how we internalise that message and how it impacts our own self perception and self talk.

My hope is that more women change they way they view, feel and talk about themselves, by consuming the kinds of messages that companies like Dove are sharing, to increase confidence and self-esteem in women, so they in turn can do the same for the women and girls around them.

Cultural norms are changed, one person at a time.

Be that change.

See your beauty.

Feel your beauty.

Believe your beauty.

Share your beauty.

Womens month 2015 photo shoot special cape town

 * Photo shoots must take place at Abigail K Studio. Photo shoots must take place within the month of August 2015. Discount is offered on portrait and studio photo shoots only.



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