Have you ever thought that you can’t make an impact?

Who am I to do this?

I’m not successful enough. I’m not influential enough. I’m not charasmatic enough. Not enough followers. Not enough experience. Not enough clout.

I’m gonna tell you that it’s time to shut that scared little ego of yours up!

We’ve all experienced these thoughts, we will all continue at some point in our journey to think this way, it’s part of the human condition. But something else that’s part of the human condition is our ability to choose.

We can either choose to believe that brain-based buillshit, or we can choose to trust in that deeper desire and knowing that we’re all here for a purpose, and we don’t have to wait until XYZ before we can start fulfilling that purpose and having that impact.

…we don’t have to wait until XYZ before we can start fulfilling that purpose and having that impact.

I speak from absolute personal experience here.

My Personal Vision

I don’t know when the vision started, perhaps 4 or 5 years ago. I began to visualise my future home in the forest. A cute cottage thats surrounded by pine trees and mountains. The distant sound of a trickling stream, the melodic tune of the birdlife and the smell of fresh morning mist. In my vision, I came to be living in this idyllic setting because of the massive success of my photography and online business. In this vision, I’m a global traveller with clients and customers across all the continents. Business is flourishing and it’s easy. I have all the systems in place and I have all the support I need to make life interesting enough and relaxing enough to be in a constant state of bliss every day. My good fortune has enabled me to purchase large areas of land near my lovely home on which I’ve built an Art and Soul retreat for women to help them reconnect to their creative energy and self confidence and which encompasses an Animal Forever Home – a place for all the homeless animals who need the love, warmth, help and happiness of a place that they never have to leave.

THAT is my vision. THAT is what keeps me going EVERY. DAY.

Last year, however, I realised that although that was my vision and my deliberate intention for doing what I do, I wasn’t yet having ANY impact remotely close to that – because I don’t yet have a gajillion dollars in my bank account!

Then I realised, that I may only be one solopreneur who’s still building her business and personal wealth, and while I might still have a very long way to go before I can financially impact those women and animals in my vision, I do have the capacity to bring like-minded women together, so that TOGETHER we can begin having that impact on the women and animals in need.

That’s when I began introducing the Donation aspect of my Monthly Over-Coffee Confidence Meetups. If every women who attended the meetup (for free BTW) brought some dog/cat food, or a previously loved garment and if I collected those donations and gave them to good charities, I could already begin having the impact I foresee in my vision.

It may not be much at this stage, but it’s a start.

And with the way the meetups are going – in so much as they’re multiplying – soon nationally, and eventually internationally – our small donations, will soon turn into BIG donations!

Donations from yesterday’s meetup

Hear me when I say this –

You ARE successful enough. You ARE influential enough. You ARE charasmatic enough. You HAVE enough followers. You HAVE enough experience. You HAVE enough clout.

Start where you are. Start with what you have. Start with a handful of people. Just start!



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