Michelle has been my assistant for a while now and when she told me earlier this year that she was pregnant, I knew exactly what gift I’d give her to celebrate this new chapter in her life – A Maternity Portrait Photo Session.

Maternity Portrait photo Session

I Suck at Giving Gifts

Giving appropriate gifts is not one of my strong points – don’t get me wrong, I WISH I was a good gift giver – but my mind goes blank when I’m tasked with finding the perfect present for someone. So much so, that I procrastinate about it so long, that eventually I run out of time and end up getting something out of desperation and feeling embarrassed when I the recipient opens up their collection of Cat Bum Fridge Magnets.

This is a problem, I’m acknowledging it, and I’m pledging to change my ways!

And this is just for your generic gifts like birthdays and Christmas – I’m 10 times worse when it comes to maternity or baby gifts. I’m completely clueless and incompetent in that department and I think I’m beyond help. I have no frame of reference when it comes to anything baby related and it takes me completely out of my comfort zone.

The Perfect Maternity Gift

But there is ONE gift I can give to a friend when she has a baby on board – a maternity shoot! So with a smile on my face and just a touch of pride I’m able to give Michelle a gift that I know she’ll love and that she certainly won’t have duplicates of (which I believe is a very real problem for expectant moms).

Although, I can’t take all the credit for these images – I have to give Michelle a hat tip too, because it was she who insisted that she step out of her own comfort zone to get some beautifully soft and feminine images to remember this transition phase of her life. She embraced the process, withstood the physical and emotional discomfort and soldiered on through the shoot, while I tried a few new things too. It’s so great to be able to take a little extra leeway to experiment without any expectations or demands and to ultimately discover a couple of new techniques for future clients.

So thank you Michelle, for your gift of eschewing comfort zones. I’ve loved being able to give you a meaningful and heartfelt gift. I hope you love it too!

Maternity Portrait photo SessionView more of Michelle’s Maternity Portrait Shoot here

What do you think? Did I get this gift right?

Do you have a pregnant friend who you need to buy a gift for? I offer gift vouchers for Portrait Sessions – Just Saying!