It’s amazing how quickly time goes by? Where have the past 6 months gone?

6 months ago when the lives of nearly every person on the planet were effectively changed forever.

In the first half of the global lockdown in South Africa, my hubby and I decided it was time to make some drastic changes.

We’d spoken about moving to the countryside before we’d ever heard the term COVID-19. But comfort zones can be convincing, you know. Even those you don’t really like.

When the very comfort zone we were attached to started to become intolerable, we decided it was leap time. And leap we did. Right into a magical nature-filled part of the country.

My creative juices have been flowing ever since!

But the move, the small town, the time it takes to settle in – it’s taken its toll too. I’ve never been happier with where we live, but it’s not all rosey. I’m needing to rebuild my photography business and my network and start canvassing for new clients in a community in which I’m very much the outsider. To be clear, I have no problem doing that, but the fact is, it’s hard, slow work and the lockdown has been tough on all of us.

Cape Town Portrait Photo Sessions

So I’m heading back to the city, to fulfil some shoots that were booked pre-lockdown, and to book new ones while I’m there.

We’ve all experienced some major shifts this year, and the images we were using before are redundant. I can honestly say that about my own pictures and videos, which is why I’ve made the effort to update my own library of visual content to reflect my new identity.

As you can see, this City Gal has become a Country Bumpkin!

But the City beckons!

Cape Town Photo Shoots – October 2020 Dates

If it’s been on your to-do list for a while and you’ve been waiting for a nudge – this is your nudge!

Currently I’ve got availability on the following dates:

Monday 5th October:
1x Morning Head Shot Shoot/ Lifestyle Shoot: 10:00 – 12:00
Tuesday 6th October:
1x Personal Branding Shoot 13:30- 17:00 and/or 1x Head Shot Shoots/ Lifestyle Shoot: 9:00 – 11:00 or 13:30 – 17:00
Wednesday 7th October:
1x Personal Branding Shoot and/or 2x Head Shot Shoots/ Lifestyle Shoot: 9:00 – 17:00
Thursday 8th October:
2x Head Shot Shoots/ Lifestyle Shoot: 9:00 – 17:00
Friday 9th October:
1x Morning Head Shot Shoot/ Lifestyle Shoot: 8:30 – 11:30

Locations will be determined during our pre-shoot chat, so get in touch and let’s make it happen!

View Personal Brand and Head Shot Package details here.

View Lifestyle Portrait Session details here.

Mini Sessions?

I’m thinking of organising a ‘Mini-Session’ day on the Wednesday, 7th October. I’ve had a number of people say they need to update their headshots but don’t want a full shoot. So I’m considering booking out a morning or afternoon for multiple mini-sessions at a fraction of the cost for a full shoot. If there’s enough interest to make it viable, I’ll confirm details. I’ve already spoken to one of my makeup artists who has agreed to be on hand for those little touch ups.

If this option appeals to you, let me know so we can gauge the numbers and make it happen. Let me know here.

Book an Obligation free call

Contact me to book a chat this week to discuss your shoot details and answer your questions.

I look forward to seeing you in Cape Town!