It’s that time of year where new goals are freshly inked and lofty intentions for the year are set into motion. It’s often the time of year when we resolve to make those changes we’ve been putting off for a while, the ones we promised to do once the festive season was over.

The problem with not taking action on an intended change the moment you first think of it, is that time has a sneaky way of passing without you noticing it. Rather covertly, the days become weeks and the weeks become months, and before you know it, a year has passed since you intended to make that change.

It’s this exact process that can sometimes land people in a sticky situation when it comes to their head shots or profile pictures. It seems like just yesterday, that you updated that picture and shared it proudly across all your social media platforms and online profiles. Soon you begin to notice that you’re doing a double take every time you see your profile picture, because each day that passes, the familiar face you see in the mirror begins to look less and less like the head shot that you’re using to represent your brand and your business.

Whether it’s because we begin to dress differently or perhaps we gain or shed a few kilos, or maybe we change our hair cut and color, or conceivably it could just be the natural effects of the passing of time on our appearance. Whatever it is that’s changed, the point is, it DOES change. WE change. Our business changes. Change is a constant – end of story!

A Lesson From Mary-Anne

Mary-Anne, founder of The Human Element which specializes in a unique brand of leadership and soft skills training, performance coaching and business development, first came to my studio a few years ago for a photo shoot to celebrate her birthday. We created some gorgeous images for her, some of which she used as profile pictures for her website and social media profiles. In the time that’s passed since then, Mary-Anne’s appearance hasn’t changed that much except for one very obvious thing – her hair color. Mary-Anne decided it was time to forgo the toxic contents of the hair dye box in favor of her natural, silvering hair color. I personally think she looks elegant and distinguished with her au-natural look.

It had been a while since Mary-Anne had made the change, but she was still using the image from her first photo shoot and that’s where she ran into a bit of an issue when it came to meeting with new and prospective clients. She explained to me that on several oCafinnate Academysions, having arranged to meet her client at a coffee shop, she would have to get up to grab the lost looking person who was expecting to meet a woman with dark auburn hair. And when this other woman with silver hair was vying for their attention, they’s be confused and, I imagine, I little surprised that the person they were expecting to meet looked completely different.

Put Yourself in Your Prospective Client’s Shoes

Imagine that was you meeting a person for the first time who’s image you’d committed to memory. I know I would

  1. feel embarrassed because I knew I looked lost to the other diners in the coffee shop
  2. feel frustrated that the person I was meeting wasn’t, by appearances, there
  3. wonder why this person was misrepresenting themselves, and what else they were misrepresenting

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before Mary-Anne came back into the studio to update her head shots with her new, original hair color!

So if you know that your current profile picture is starting to stray a bit far from the recognition line, then perhaps it’s time to update it!