A little while ago, I had the privilege of being invited back to Hashtag radio to talk to Hani Du Toit on her Next Level You show about my journey as a Confidence Crusader.

Often we’ll play down the importance of telling our own story. “You should always be more interested in other people.”

While there’s a time and place where that instruction is valid, there’s also a time and place where it’s paramount that you share your own story.

We all know our own story so well, that we often forget the value that’s embedded in it – the opportunities for growth that are available to those who are listening. That’s a very powerful tool to communicate a lesson for the benefit of others.

Another benefit, I’ve found, is that when you share your story with someone, the trials and the lessons that you’ve gained along the way, you gain a new perspective on your own growth. You actually have the opportunity to take stock on how far you’ve come – to acknowledge the progress that you’ve made. When you’re stuck in the day-to-dayness of your current reality, it’s easy to feel like you’re always catching up, that the goal posts are constantly out of reach. But when you recount your journey to a new audience, you can appreciate through their initial receiving of the story, the valuable insights and development that you’ve integrated over the timespan of your tale.

So for your benefit and mine, please pour yourself a favourite beverage and take a listen to my ‘Journey of a Confidence Crusader’, as discussed with Hani on Hashtag Radio.