Any given day of the week, thanks to my work, I meet and am inspired by some amazing people who are not only building their businesses and changing their own lives, but by doing so they are impacting and benefiting the lives of those around them!

Whether it’s people I meet at networking events, speaker’s presentations I attend, books I read or podcasts I listen to, I’m constantly learning and growing from them. So I thought it’s about time I share some of those amazing lessons with you, rather than keeping them to myself.

I’m delighted to kick off my first Guest Blog Post with some great tips and resources from Mandy Russell, a Performance Coach that I got to know at a conference we both attended late last month.


Increasing Your Net Worth

Here are my 5 first steps to doing that:

1.    Declare that not only do you WANT to, but you INTEND to, increase your net worth.
2.    Declare it every day – make it your 30day challenge this Woman’s Month.
3.    Understand that before you can increase your net worth, you need to increase your SELF-WORTH.
4.    Get interested in your limiting beliefs about yourself and about money – this requires vigilance as you go about every aspect of daily life
5.    Get support in overcoming those limiting beliefs; be it from a course, a coach or a counsellor.

The good news is if you shift things over there with you, you shift them in your bank balance too!

Limiting Beliefs

Here is a possible point of access for some of your limiting beliefs:

Have you ever looked around at your friends and family and how they handle or relate to money and felt a little ‘weird or different?’  Feeling that perhaps you just didn’t get the ‘money gene’ and wishing you could call up a genie to guide you?

Perhaps you’ve even attempted to emulate others, including highly successful people, and that’s not worked either.

You may have declared a commitment to shift direction, but not only do you wonder which direction to take, you also feel alone. You long for a way to be supported; a compass to guide the shifts without wasting valuable time, energy and money trying this and trying that; staring in the face of failure and despondency.

You have a sneaky suspicion your money story isn’t an empowered one; instead it’s one of scarcity and fear and you’d love to press reset without digging back into the past and whatever traumas may lurk there.

That’s because we each have our own unique code and when we understand it and act in alignment with it, things begin to flow easily and all the effort and struggle that exists in our historic programming of ‘work = hard work, struggle and endless toil’ can be replaced with energy saving, directionalised action.

Well luckily Abigail wants that for herself and because she’s the ultimate Confidence Crusader, she wants that for you too!

So she’s generously invited me to share with you just how you could have all of those things.

Fresh Horizons

Spring Into Action

In fact you could welcome in the southern hemisphere Spring with:

•     Having cracked your personal money code, for the first time feeling affirmed and understanding what makes you personally,  tick when it comes to money (and freeing you from negative self-judgement).
•    You’ll discover your 3 core strengths and how to use them to align your purpose in life with being valued on all levels, including being remunerated.
•    You’ll have a Conscious Money Compass to guide you and
•    You’ll have found your money voice enabling you to not only ask for your true worth, but to powerfully set your boundaries with both clients and loved ones so that the money you do have, doesn’t leak away.

And the best bit for me, as your Coach, is that because money is so emotionally charged for us as women, when we see what’s going on and we shift it, suddenly we have more time, energy, love and space in our lives too.

Yes, your wish list handled right there!

I know, that’s a lot to grasp, so find out more here and join me live on a webinar where I’m going to walk you through clearing out your money clutter



Mandy Russell

Mandy Russell

Performance Coach

Mandy Russell is the business leader’s go-to Performance Coach when success is no longer enough. Mandy cares about the whole of you, so you can win at your business or career, your health and your personal life.  With 20 years of coaching experience behind her, you access the depth of her own journey which includes overcoming the deaths of both her parents to cancer in her 20s, her younger brother in a car accident, being retrenched and making one of the hardest choices of her life, to leave her marriage after 18years and re-invent her life at the same time as becoming a business owner after 25years of working for others.
Mandy invests large amounts in her own development so that her clients benefit too.  As SA’s only coach with certifications in the MoneyBreakthroughMethod® and Sacred Money Archetypes®, she loves the duel value of money’s laser access to overcoming limiting belief systems and lifting the glass money ceiling we all inadvertently put on ourselves.  At last women can increase both their self-worth and their net worth.