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Would you like to be featured?

This new interview series takes a whole new approach to online interviews!

LIVE Interviews take place every Friday at 11:00 SAST on a Facebook Live inside the Cafinnate Community Group and are repurposed to YouTube, blog, & podcast platforms. If your timezone doesn’t allow for the original timeslot, we can set up an ‘adhoc’ interview timeslot.

Within the Cafinnate Academy we talk about women’s confidence, personal branding, business building, human connection and continual expansion. All while keeping it real and not taking ourselves too seriously.

That’s the intention for these interviews too. If you’ve watched or been interviewed online before, you’ve probably never seen or been interviewed like this.

While we do touch on business, this is not a business-as-usual interview format. We go deep but we also go fun.

If you’re still reading, this far down the page, you’re probably the kind of women we want to interview!

These chats are best suited to those who are comfortable with thinking on their feet. ie. you won’t receive the questions upfront, and you’re NOT expected to have your answers scripted. We’re all about keeping it real!

It’s for women over (or nearing) 40 who are making an impact in the world who are willing to share their real thoughts and experience of growing their personal brands, their business and their confidence.

For regular weekly Friday 11:00 (GMT & SAST) time slots book here: 

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For Adhoc alternative timezones (EST, PST), book here:

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