You want to help the people, the animals, the planet & yourself. It’s a big task. You believe you can make a difference….BUT…

… but you also believe you’re not good enough, not bad enough, not experienced enough, not naive enough, not popular enough, not indepenent enough, not young enough, not old enough, not white enough, not black enough, not rich enough, not poor enough, not pretty enough, not scarred enough, not skinny enough, not fat enough, not loud enough, not quiet enough, not westernised enough, not easternised enough, not self-aware enough, not blissfully unaware enough, not talented enough, not educated enough, not lucky enough, not recognised enough, not exhausted enough, not deserving enough, not unique enough, not passionate enough, not consistent enough, not supported enough, not creative enough, not kind enough, not accepting enough, not philosphical enough…

What is enough?

Who gets to decide? Who gets to prescribe the measure of Enoughness? Surely no human construct can dictate our Enoughness.  Who are these demi-gods who deem us worthy or not. When did they come in and steal our power? Better yet, when did we hand our personal power over to them? When did it become the norm for us to hand over our personal power of a self-metric that’s completely subjective? We’re at a time in humanity where we GET to determine for ourselves what, where, how much is enough for us, because it aligns to the design we have for our own life. Enough is what we decide it is for ourselves and our purpose on this planet.


When Is Enough?

It’s enough each moment you choose to embody that thing that lights you up. The thing that feels like it’s the expression incarnate of the thing that beats your heart.
You were enough back then, you are enough now, you’ll be enough then too.

Enough is always enough. Even if it feels like your enoughness in this moment isn’t enough. You are enough because you are.

Where is enough, enough?

Enoughness is everywhere. All around us. In all that we are and all that we do.
You are enough because you have that desire to positively impact people, places and things beyond and including you.
Enough is enough when your conviction to walk away from circumstances and behaviours that hinder the tangible expression of your intangible inspiration spurs you onto a new path as a new you guided by the pureness of the mission you’re here to accomplish.
Your enoughness is unquestionable, unfaltering, unchangeable, even on those days when you can’t quite put your finger on it.
It’s enough here, as it stands. Know it. Live it. Be it. And give it freely to those who struggle to see their own enoughness.

Enough is enough. Always. You are enough. Always.<