This morning I attended the Fine Women Business Network at Atlantic Imbizo at the V&A Waterfront, and they had as their guest speaker none other than Dr John Demartini.

As well as networking, I also love absorbing information and knowledge that either develops my business, or myself, or ideally both. So attending events like this is something that I try to do on a regular basis, either in person, or online. I believe that if you’re not learning and growing, then you’re just waiting for death. And that sounds pretty damn dull. Although I was a paying guest at the talk this morning, I was asked by the organisers to snap a few pics, and having already decided that I’d share my take-aways from the talk in this-here blog post, I thought it would be a good idea to get some decent images to go along with my post, so I took along my camera.

V&A Waterfront Harbour in the morning.

The backdrop for the talk this morning…

Demartini is not a motivational speaker, but rather an educator who teaches techniques of self-mastery to help people live their most desired life.

Most of his talk centred around the concept of values and how we need to get clear on our own values, to prioritise our lives and our businesses around those values and have unwavering focus to stick to those values. Only then will we be able to provide the kind of service that our clients need, want and deserve, as well as to be able to be the kind of person and live the kind of life that we, ourselves need, want and deserve.

Lessons from Dr John Demartini Talk

So here’s a few points that resonated with me, which I hope you find valuable:

  • Our own values and the values of our clients need to be equal.
  • There is a hierarchy of values. The things you love doing, the things no one has to remind you about, the things you are very disciplined, reliable and focussed on, are your highest values. For me, those are creating, learning & promoting confidence. The things that you need to get motivated to do, or that you are unreliable, undisciplined and distracted with, are your lowest values. For me, those are cooking & admin. (I’m seeing a picture form here!) Dr Demartini has an online tool to help you get clear about your values.
  • You need to live by priority, meaning that you do the things that are most important to you and delegate the rest.
  • By living your life with prioritised action, you’ll encourage others around you to do the same. So striving for the kind of life you want, is not a bad thing. By improving your own circumstances, you’re encouraging others to improve theirs. I LOVE this! I totally resonate with this – as in – “Shine your own light to encourage others to shine theirs.”
  • You should write down the things you’re grateful for, daily.
  • If you want to reprogram yourself to elevate a certain value to a higher position the hierarchy, then you need to write down at least 200 benefits of that value to anchor your reason for doing it. That way you won’t need to be pushed and motivated to do it, you’ll want to do it because you know why it’s important.

So those were my main takeaways from Dr John Demartini’s talk this morning. I hope they help you in some way.

If you’ve got anything to add, or if there are any resources that you’ve engaged with lately, that you think others would find useful, share it in the comments below…


In the meantime, here’s a few pics from the morning…