Wow! I’m not sure I’ve had as many goosbump and teary-eyed moments in a Confident According To… conversation as I did with this one. This was one of those conversations that you (well, at least I did!) could feel in the depths of your being. So much discussion about purpose as the foundation of entrepreneurship, and what needs to happen to make South Africa the rich, empowering nation it can be.

Lisa’s purpose is palpable and my heart is massively warmed by the knowledge that she’s out there doing what she’s doing.

This is a conversation you’re gonna wanna listen in on if you’re looking for direction and purpose in your entrepreneurial journey…

Sharon from Chandramala photographed by Abigail K Photography A Cape Town based Portrait Photographer

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In this video I chat with entrepreneurial edusationalist Lisa Illingworth, founder of FutureproofSA.

FutureProof gives kids the opportunity to architect their own futures by catalysing entrepreneurial thinking and action. FutureProofSA is a seasoned national network of entrepreneurs who are committed to solving the unemployment crisis in South Africa by not only teaching entrepreneurship, but creating a safe space where young people can take action. Learn more about Future Proof SA:

In this video we have a powerful discussion about what entrepreneurship really is, what it takes to be successful, what role confidence plays in being an entrepreneur and what children should be learning about personal as well as business development.

This conversation is for women who want to get conscious about their confidence so they can grow their business.

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