I’m constantly inspired by the amazingly creative people who live and create in Cape Town. It’s part of the reason I love this city so much. From artists to designers, from the techy bunch to the media crowd. They all create such amazing work and I’m always jealous inspired by what they share online. Of late, I’ve been particularly in awe of the confidence and seemingly effortless perfection of the Beauty Blogger community.

The Confidence of Cape Town Beauty Bloggers

Cape Town Beauty Bloggers ListI’m one of those people who quietly lurk in the corner of the online world, watching these girls build their online footprint with such savvy and self-assurance. They fill the internet with the sweet scent of Bvlgari, while their perfectly manicured hands sprinkle the latest shade of bronzer across your monitor like fairy dust. Imagine a life that includes hours spent in a spa, sipping on bubbles while the biggest brands in the beauty industry fall over themselves to get you to use/wear/try their product for free, in exchange for a blog post and pretty blog photos. Oh the life!

Even though I’m mostly green with envy when I scroll through the feeds of these ever gorgeous girls, I’m always struck by the good that they’re doing for the world. Some might see their posts and subject matter as superficial, vain and inconsequential. But I see it differently. I see these Beauty Bloggers as the trailblazers of self-confidence.

I see these Beauty Bloggers as the trailblazers of self-confidence.

By demonstrating their own self-confidence they’re encouraging us, their readers, to do the same. To relish our good hair days and fabulous new lip colour.  On top of that they’re showing us the tips, tricks and products to help us get a step closer to a higher self confidence. I believe that confidence is built on many aspects of the self, and physical appearance and aesthetics is just one of those areas.

So to show some love for my Beauty Blogger heroines of Cape Town, I’ve put together my list of Cape Town Beauty Bloggers to follow. These are some that I was already following, as well as some that were suggested to me by my readers, who I’ll promptly start following…

The Most Comprehensive List of Cape Town Beauty Bloggers

Most Comprehensive list of cape town beauty bloggers

In no particular order:

  1. Becoming You
  2. For The Beauty of It
  3. Superficialgirls.com
  4. www.kissblushandtell.co.za
  5. lipglossismylife.com
  6. mindthecurves.com
  7. rougebeauty.co.za
  8. dearheartbeauty.com
  9. eloisedreyer.com
  10. www.inmybag.co.za
  11. completedisbelief.com
  12. www.geewhiskers.com
  13. www.cheekyalchemy.com
  14. prettypleasecharlie.co.za
  15. www.femmelifestyle.com
  16. 9lives.co.za
  17. www.carafay.co.za
  18. beautycandyloves.co.za
  19. shahnazlovesbeauty.com
  20. www.alldolledup.co.za
  21. www.nachi.co.za
  22. lipglossismydrug.blogspot.com
  23. poutperfection.com
  24. www.fairleigh.co.za
  25. hipstylerblog.com
  26. cindyhorton.co.za
  27. pingandting.com

***UPDATE: Since sharing this post, I’ve discovered and been recommended some more awesome Cape Town Beauty Bloggers to add to the list!***

28. whattheblog.co.za

29. onestilettoatatime.com

30. lipsticklifestylebylisa.wordpress.com

31. mothercitymom.com

32. www.lucky-loves.com

33. makeitraynex.com

34. www.bobsrouge.com

35. www.thebeautifultruth.co.za

***UPDATE: I’ve since realised that some of the blogs I had listed were based outside of Cape Town, and while I love those blogs, this is a Cape Town specific list, so I’ve updated it accordingly. I think there’s a ‘Most Comprehensive List of South African Beauty Bloggers’ blogpost in my future!***

See what these bloggers shared about their confidence.

So go ahead, have a browse, show these girls some love, give them a follow and, hey, let them know how they’re helping you!

List of Cape Town Beauty Bloggers

Add to the List of Cape Town Beauty Bloggers

Have I missed any? Do you know of any other Cape Town Beauty Bloggers that I should add to this list? Who do you love following and how has she helped you with your self confidence?