My hubby and I live in a tiny loft apartment, so this lockdown has really hit us hard. We haven’t been able to go outside at all, unless it’s to get groceries.

I recognise we’re still EXTREMELY privileged relative to many South Africans, though, and for that I’m immensely grateful. It does however mean our sensitivity to the freedom and privilege of going for a walk in our beautiful city is somewhat heightened, thanks to the very real cabin fever we’ve experienced over the last few weeks.

In this video my hubby and I invite you on some our recent walks around Cape Town during the Corona Virus Lockdown period.

Lockdown has caused much unrest and upheaval in all our lives and being able to go out walking during the morning curfew was both a blessing and a curse.

So we documented a few of our walks and share what we observed in terms of the way that people in Cape Town are social distancing (or not!) and doing their part to alleviate the COVID-19 outbreak.

Grab a coffee, press play and enjoy some of the visuals of our recent walks…


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What has your experience of lockdown been?

Have you managed to go out and walk in nature?

What have you observed in terms of how people are being mindful in response to the social distancing requirements?