For the last month or so, I feel like I’ve been in a semi unconscious state. But at the same time, awake like I’ve never been.

For whatever reason, whether it’s Mercury Retrograde, post-holiday blues, or just the ebb and flow of life, I feel like I’ve been out of sorts.

What’s Been Bothering Me

As a method of processing this period of discontent and disconnection, I’m listing what’s been bothering/preoccupying/distracting me:

  • Returning to reality after a dream holiday
  • Organizing the surgery and managing the convalescence of my furkid, after discovering she has lung cancer shortly before we left on our trip to Paris.
  • Dealing with a website that has been barely functioning.
  • Trying to drum up business as a result of my non-functioning website and my absence.
  • Catching up on work that was delayed as a result of being away.
  • Struggling with getting back into a work routine.
  • Making plans for changes to my business as a result of attending the Sue Bryce workshop.
  • Making changes to the way I spend my time, both personally and professionally.

I’m beginning to understand why leaders in the personal development space suggest that we write down the things that are bothering us.  By doing this we can actually start to make sense of them, get them out of our head and then realise that it’s actually not as overwhelming as it felt when it was all just floating around in our head.

Whimsical Fine Art Photography by Cape Town Artist Abigail K

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What’s Been Energising Me

Even though this period has felt challenging, I’m also aware of the good things that have happened in between.

  • My dog has made a fantastic recovery and had her stitches out this week. She’s almost back to her healthy self which is evidenced by her keenness to seek out and challenge any canine who happens to cross her path.
  • I had an amazing visit from my BFF which saw us laughing, facing our fears, creating and generally making amazing memories. She actually helped me create the image on this post on our walk up the side of Lion’s Head.
  • I’ve been creating for the sake of creating.
  • I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zones.
  • I’m being tidier at home!
  • I’m growing in self awareness and mindfulness.
  • I’m gaining clarity and focus for my life.
  • I’m being inspired everyday.

So even though things are not as rosey as I would like them to be, I know that the good things are happening deep beneath the surface and eventually they’ll make themselves evident. In amongst the chaos, there’s always something to be grateful for.

So thank you for this little therapy session. I feel better already! I feel On Top of The World!

How have you been lately. It helps to talk about things, so let me know in the comments below.