Personal Confidence Makeover Portraits

“You work in such a lovely & professional manner & made me feel so at ease & so beautiful, I felt like a movie star”


Joanne, 30-something – mother of 2 & photographer



A Cape Town based portrait studio offering magazine style photo shoots for women.

Along with my team we’ll work together to give everyday women like you the chance to experience what it’s like to be a super model. Because every woman deserves to know what gorgeous feels like & to see herself in a new light. When we allow room for a new self image, we allow room for more self confidence.

The entire process epitomizes luxury and causes a ripple effect of confidence and self worth, long after the camera shutter has clicked.

“Imagine looking & feeling like a supermodel for a day. Then imagine seeing yourself as one for the rest of your life.”


40-something Personal Branding Expert & Mother of 2

30-something – Bridal Wear Designer


Kirstie – Student

Des – 50-something – Recruitment Consultant

Tammy – Student

Pippa – Event Coordinator

Kimmy, 40-something – Mother of 2

Jordy – Student

Your Makeover Portrait Session Includes:

Personalised Shoot Design

You’ll have a full obligation free consultation to discuss your dream photo shoot from which your personalised shoot brief will be created.

Professional Hair & Makeup

Your hair will be styled and your make-up will be applied by a professional makeup artist to compliment your personalised shoot brief

A Choice of Different Looks

You’ll bring along different outfits in line with your chosen style for the shoot to create a variety of looks and giving you a wider choice of images.

Camera Coaching While We Shoot

You’ll be guided every step of the way while you’re in front of the camera, so you’ll know exactly what to do to look good and feel confident.

Delicious Food & Drinks

You’ll enjoy some delicious canapes and drinks to add to the enjoyment of your session

A Beautiful Studio

You’ll feel right at home in our beautifully decorated studio. You won’t want to leave!

Full Image Retouching

Your images, although near perfect straight out of camera, will be refined and beautified in photoshop.

Reveal & Ordering Session

You’ll return to the studio to view your final images, make your selection & place your order.

Schedule Your Consultation

Contact me now to schedule your consultation to discuss your ideal photo shoot.

 Once we receive your request, we’ll confirm a time and date for your consultation.

From the moment my daughter and I walked into Abigails office we felt welcome. We were greeted with warm smiles and a wonderful lady helped do our hair and make up . we had lots of laughs and spent a fantastic mom and daughter morning together. Abigail made us feel like supermodels. Right from the way we needed to pose to the dressing up. As for the final photographs, they were amazing, thank you Abigail for the wonderful experience, I can’t wait to book our next shoot. It will definitely be with you.

Lindy & Kirstie

Mother & Daughter

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the gift of my makeover shoot! As a new mom to twins, just getting out of my pj’s everyday is a major feat. So having my hair and make-up done was such a treat. And then your professionalism and guidance during the shoot made me feel like a supermodel. I knew exactly what you wanted from me and you made me feel totally at ease. And the end result … Wow! Thank you for making me feel beautiful and giving me my confidence back. And for inspiring me to get out of my pj’s and make a small effort everyday. Cos that’s sometimes all it takes


Mother of Twins

I was so incredibly impressed with the quality of images I got from my beauty shoots with Abigail. I have a history of modelling and have never liked any of the pictures of myself. Abigail made me feel immediately comfortable and relaxed and I think that really showed in the pictures. The whole experience was great fun and left me feeling and looking like a million bucks! I’d recommend her to anyone!


Bridal Wear Designer, Molteno Creations

WOW Abigail, you are a master cratfswoman! I had SUCH a wonderful time yesterday, you made me feel very comfortble and special! I have already recommended you to a client of mine, she will be contacting you shortly.


Recruitment Consultant

On behalf of Tammy and myself, I would like to thank you for our makeover and photoshoot. Tammy couldn’t have asked for a better pre-birthday gift. We both loved our hair and makeup. You have really brought across a more soft look, and had given us both a workout with those awkward poses, that end up looking fabulous!  :) Keep up your amazing work, and your vibrant personality!

Tammy & Simone

Best Friends

What a treat to be photographed by you – I haven’t had so much fun in a long time! I really felt pampered and looked after, not only during the hair and make up session, but especially by you during the shoot. It was non-threatening, confidence-boosting, funny and totally enjoyable. You really do have an amazing skill in getting the best out of us ordinary folk and making us look and feel like super-models. Thank you Abigail for everything that you put into your work. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious and we see ourselves catching it through your lens. What a blessing.


Marketing & Personal Branding Expert

Optional Wardrobe Styling



Book an optional extra at a discounted rate wardrobe styling consultation with some of Cape Town’s most renowned personal stylists.

They will teach you what works for you, what doesn’t and why, according to your body shape, personality and preferred style.

You will walk away with the skills, tips & knowledge to shop for and choose the clothes and colours that compliment you in the best way!

From now on, you’ll shop and dress with confidence and know how to maintain your camera-ready look every day!



Styling001Copyright- (c) Abigail K PhotographyOnce the Personal Stylist has helped you choose your outfits for the shoot, you’ll bring your professionally selected wardrobe items to the studio where you’ll receive professional hair styling & makeup as discussed at our pre-shoot consultation.

I’ll then guide you with my camera coaching to give you that all-important camera confidence! I’ll teach you how to pose, how to hold postures and other tips and tricks for getting the best in-camera shots.

Please inquire about the Personal Stylist’s services at time of booking.


I want to book a portrait shoot with you. What's the process?

1. First, you need to let me know that you would like to book a shoot, by submitting an inquiry on my contact page. 2. Once I receive your inquiry, I’ll contact you to schedule a meeting so we can discuss your vision for your shoot. 3. During the meeting, we’ll discuss your requirements for your shoot. What you have in mind for theme, set, wardrobe, hair and makeup. We’ll also discuss how you want to present your images – wall portraits, heirloom box, or album. We’ll also schedule the date and time for your shoot. 4. After our meeting we’ll create a mood board to ensure we’re all on the same page. 5. On the day of the shoot, you’ll arrive without makeup and with clean, dry hair ready to by styled by my team. 6. During the shoot, I’ll be guiding you every step of the way through posing and relaxation techniques. You’ll be changing your outfits & having a blast! 7. After the shoot, I’ll make a selection of the best 40 images which I’ll edit & retouch. 8. Once editing and retouching is complete, we’ll schedule a viewing session in the studio where you’ll view and select your images. 9. Once you’ve made your selection and payment has been received, your order will be processed. 10. Approximately 10 days for delivery from the printer.


I'm very camera shy, how are you going to get a good photo?

Human behaviour has always interested me. From my days at university where I studied communications, through to my career in photography, when I realised that knowing how to guide and coach people in front of the camera is just as important, if not more important, than the technical side of photography. We work as a team during our sessions, where I guide you from pose to pose, focussing on breathing and relaxing as we go. We do warm up activities before we start and before you know it, you’re having the time of your life in front of the camera!  

I have body concerns. Can I still be photographed?

Of course. We all have our issues. There’s always something about our bodies that we’re not happy with. This is a safe place, and my utmost objective is to make sure that you’re relaxed. I believe we should all accept ourselves and others for the beautiful women that we are. I aim to support you through this process and show you how beautiful you really are.

What Do I Wear For My Portrait Shoot?

It’s important that what you’re wearing makes you feel both comfortable AND confident. I advise my clients to think about the end result and work your way backwards. What would you love your photo artwork to look like? What mood do you want it to convey? What are your favourite colours? What’s the purpose of these images?

Before your shoot, I’ll be asking you these and other questions, and will offer advice on what you should bring, buy or hire for your shoot. The more effort you put into your shoot BEFORE you’re in front of the camera, the better the results.

How long will the photoshoot take?

Duration of the shoot depends on the kind of shoot and how many people. Hair styling and makeup takes about 1 hour per woman. The shoot itself will vary from 30 minutes (for Profile Picture Shoot) to 2 hours (for Makeover Shoot) 

Do you sell digital files?

Yes and No. My product range is exclusively tangible products like prints, heirloom boxes and albums. I work with professional labs who’s print quality is representative of how my images have been created & edited. I therefore control the print quality of my images to reflect my brand’s accuracy. This ensures that you’re getting the quality artwork that you’re paying for. For each print you purchase, however, you will get the high resolution digital file.  

Can I get digital images to share on Facebook and on email?

Yes of course. For every print you purchase, you get the corresponding web-ready digital file. 

Do I need to do my hair and makeup?

No, my portrait sessions include hair styling and makeup services. We’ll discuss your desired look ahead of time. All you need to do is arrive with no makeup and with clean, dry hair. My team will do the rest.

What Products can I get?

You can choose from Wall Portraits, Heirloom Boxes or Albums. Any print images you purchase will be accompanied by the digital file.

What happens if I don't like my photos?

No problem. You’re under no obligation to purchase any images from your shoot. You only pay at the ordering session, so if you don’t like any images, you don’t have to buy any. It’s my job to make sure that I create images that you’re going to love!

Can I get all of the photos from the shoot?

No. It’s my job as a professional to make the selection of images that represent your shoot, giving you access to a smaller, higher quality collection, rather than a larger, more watered-down one.

Can I get unedited images?

No. My brand and photographic style is related to my artistic editing choices. The first step in creating an image is in camera, the second step is how the image is processed. They are not mutually exclusive.

How Much Does it Cost?

The ‘Model for a Day’ experience which includes hair styling, professional makeup and the photoshoot session starts at R7700 per person. This includes 10 mounted prints in an Heirloom Box including corresponding high resolution digital files. PLUS 1 8×10 framed image. This price also includes 10% discount off additional images and products.  Pricing plans are available. Full pricing and product options will be shared at the consultation.  

Why Are You More Expensive Than Other Photographers?

I’m not a shoot and burn type of portrait photographer. I have trained in Paris with one of the world’s leading women’s portrait photographers. Over the years I have honed my photographic skills, my interpersonal skills, my equipment, my artistic style and my brand to culminate in providing heirloom quality wall portraits, collection boxes and albums. I don’t sell my time. I create custom artwork that will last a lifetime. 


Images are supplied as individually edited, retouched, printed and mounted in an 11×14 (279mmx355mm) mount/matte and boxed as a keepsake to treasure or frame & display as you choose. Digital files of all chosen prints are included with purchase.


Packages start from R9999


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