Yesterday I gave myself the gift of creating art.

Ignite - Fine Art Photography by cape town photographer, Abigail K
This image has been waiting to be created for a number of weeks now. I nearly let the moment pass earlier in the day, the moment when I remembered that I wanted to create this image. And then I reminded myself of the importance of creating.

Titled Ignite, it’s a reminder to all of us to ignite the passions, the stories, the essence of who we are. We need to let it shine.
How many unwritten books, unpainted canvasses, unrealised dreams will never see light of day because we don’t permit ourselves to take the first step of striking that matchstick?

The Busy-Ness of Business

In my own day to day busy-ness of running my business, I’m very aware of the fact that I often prioritise to-do lists and admin above creating. While chatting with my husband about it last week, I vocally observed that I seem never to be in balance – when I’m not creating, I’m doing admin and to-do lists in order to get clients so that I can create. And then when I have a day full of creating for my clients, I’m anxious because I haven’t spent any time doing admin and ticking off to-do lists. Seriously?! And then there’s the desire to create for myself (like the above image). Let’s not even go there!

Prioritising and Timing

I was interviewed on Hashtag Radio last week and one of the questions I was asked was “What is my biggest struggle as an entrepreneur?”

My answer “Prioritising.”

So I’m trying to practice ease. Ease in everything that I do, and trusting that whatever I’ve chosen to spend my time and focus on in each given moment, is the thing that needs my attention most. There’s a lot of trust in this process but perhaps trusting the process is what makes it easier.

So my message to you (and to myself) on this Monday afternoon, is to MAKE time for the pursuits that ignite a burning light of enthusiasm inside you. Whether that’s creating art, catching up on the bookkeeping, spending time with your family. And trust that when you’ve chosen to focus on that, it’s the perfect timing for it.