Making Your Personal Branding Shoot a Success

  • Client: Frans De Klerk
  • Shoot Type: Personal Branding Shoot / Headshot Portrait Shoot
  • Shoot Date: 14 November


I was approached by Frans’ daughter, Christelle, to do a Personal Branding Portrait Shoot for their website and social media profiles after Christelle had been following me on Instagram for a few months.

Frans is a Technical Analyst and has a regular slot on Business Day TV’s Talking Technical programme. Christelle assists him in the business and they required a series of stock images that they could use for their marketing material and social media posts, as well as headshots that they could each use for their respective online profiles.

3 Things that Frans and Christelle did to make their Personal  Branding Shoot a Success

1. Communication

Being clear about how your want business perceived is the first step in getting the appropriate photographs to represent your brand. It’s important that everyone involved in the decision making process of the business is on the same page when it comes to the the brand look and feel. Once that’ s been decided internally, it’s important to communicate that with your photographer. Christelle sent me some sample stock images that she liked as well as the link to their website so I could get an understanding of the look and feel they were going for.

Personal branding headshot portraits of Christelle and Frans De Klerk2. Participation in Planning

The more you, as the client, participate in the planning process for the shoot, the more accurate the photographer can meet your expectations. If you leave the planning completely up to someone else, don’t be surprised if their vision turns out to be somewhat different to your own. Also, when you as the client are enthusiastic and involved in the planning process, your photographer is going to feel more valued because you can both share ideas and come to a mutual decision. Together, Christelle and I planned what props they would bring along to the shoot, and on the day, we went through the outfits they had brought and decided together what would be the best choice.3. Give the photographer Autonomy

Personal branding headshot portraits of Christelle and Frans De Klerk3. Give Your Photographer Autonomy

Just like I would never dream of telling Frans and Christelle how they should do their Technical Analyzing, there comes a time when you have to hand over autonomy to your photographer. This, afterall, is what they do nearly every day, and in all likelihood, they’ve probably picked up a thing or two. So although you may feel unsure and anxious about the process of a photoshoot, the photographer knows what will work and what won’t. If you’ve done your communication and planning well, then this is the point at which you hand over the reigns and let the professional do what they do best.

Christelle and Frans were happy for me to do my thing, moving around furniture, trying different lighting setups and working out the best angles. They also didn’t question the fact that I shoot completely with natural light, within a very small space and with very few doodads and thingy-ma-bobs. They trusted that I knew what I was doing and that I would deliver the results they were looking for.

Personal branding headshot portraits of Christelle and Frans De Klerk

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