Before I chat about Samantha’s Maternity Shoot, let me firstly apologise for the complete lack of activity on this here blog of late. For those of you who are regular readers, you’ll have noticed the sound of crickets. Chirping. All by their lonely selves. ‘Cos there’s been bugger all happening in this little corner of the blogosphere. But fear not – I’m still here! I’m just super, super busy with shooting, editing, productioning, admining, and all the other craziness that comes at this time of year!

I have soooo many shoots to share on the blog, but with Christmas 1.5 days away, I know that I’m just not going to get to posting them, this side of New Years. At least that’ll give me something to do in January when silly season has passed and we’re looking ahead to the new year.

I do still manage to post daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so if you’re feeling like you need a little Abby in your feed, pop on over there and that’s where you see what I’m currently working on.

Samantha’s Maternity Shoot

I did however feel the immediate need to park my editing today to share this particular post – Samantha’s maternity photo shoot that we did back in November. And that’s because the Facebook announcement came through yesterday, that her little blue bundle had arrived safe and sound, so what better way to congratulate them and their new family, than to share Samantha’s portraits from the last few weeks of her journey to motherhood.

See more portraits from Samantha’s maternity shoot here.

We did Samantha’s maternity shoot just one week before her wedding day, where she and David sealed their new adventure in front of their family and friends. Talk about piling on the workload, while you’re 8 months pregnant! I don’t know how she did it! It puts my productivity pity-party to shame!

See Samantha and David’s wedding photos here. (Blog post still to come!)

Samantha is such a lovely person, full of smiles, laughter and an easy going nature which makes it very clear why she’s loved by her friends and family so much. She was open to my ideas for her portrait session and even agreed to wear an outfit that I handmade myself! I’m no seamstress, but I have a blog post coming up (next year) about how I made this outfit. So kudos to Sam for stepping up!

See more portraits from Samantha’s maternity shoot here.

Samantha calls this the drama look!

I thought the lovely monochrome portraits were quite dramatic too…

See more portraits from Samantha’s maternity shoot here.

And I just LOVED the choice of wall art that Samantha and David chose. An A3 and A4 to remember this magical time before little Henry arrived.

See more portraits from Samantha’s maternity shoot here.

Congratulations Samantha and David! Wishing you a lifetime of happy memories with your little boy! I just know you’re going to make amazing parents

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