I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Pippa Hudson on Cape Talk Radio about my Conscious Confidence Course.

It was a wonderful experience, and an eye opening one too, but not in the way that I thought it would be, which I’ll tell you all about shortly.

Although I had a vague idea of what to expect from the interview, in terms of what we’d be talking about, I didn’t know the exact questions Pippa would ask so I found myself feeling a little nervous and unprepared. And when you’re the girl talking about confidence, those are  not the ideal vibes you’re wanting to be channelling. I consoled myself with a little trick I’ve devised when I’ve felt my self-doubt start to rise in the face of a daunting challenge, and that’s to conduct the experience as an experiment. I found this technique really useful in this instance and through it, I managed to string a coherent sentence or two together.

In The Media: Cape Talk Radio Interview

If you’d like to hear the interview on Cape Talk Radio, you can listen here

What I’m learning along this Confidence Crusade

More and more I’m realising through my own experience, how important confidence is when it comes to showing up in the world, and how experiences can be so different in the absence of said confidence.

On a near daily basis I find myself having to walk my talk, even on those days when I really don’t feel like it. There are days when I wish I hadn’t started this Confidence Crusade because it means that I always have to show up as my most confident self, and more times than I’d like to admit, I’ve heard my husband tell me to listen to my own advice.

One of the big things I learned from this interview is that it’s absolutely ok to NOT feel confident 100% of the time. It’s ok to acknowledge when your self esteem has taken a knock and that you’d rather just lay on the couch with a bag of Flings and a glass of wine, binge-watching The Good Housewife (true story!). It’s ok to have these moments of wallowing – provided that they’re in the minority and that you consciously acknowledge that you’re allowing yourself this temporary out-of-character moment.

The reason I’m so grateful to have started this Confidence Crusade, is because I do feel a sense of obligation, if not for myself, then for the women who need that inspiration to get them off that couch! Which then of course, turns around and benefits me anyway. So it’s a double edged sword, this Confidence Crusade, one that I’m so honored to carry, and knowing the deeper reason of why I do it, is what gets ME off that couch on those off-days.

The Surprising Lesson I Learned After the Interview

So now onto the big lesson I learned on the day of the interview: Your response to negativity is your own responsibility.

I’m going to repeat that for emphasis –

Your response to negativity is your own responsibility.

Slower this time, to make sure you’ve got it –


Suffice to say – among all the positive, supportive feedback I got after the show, there was one (Yes, 1) negative comment that threatened my happy vibes. I received that comment while I was still at the radio station so it was really raw and smacked right up against my feelings of inadequacy and my attempt to objectively see the interview as a job well done. On the drive home though, I went through a mental process that completely switched it around. I’ll be telling you all about it in an upcoming vlog post but for now, take the lesson as –  Your response to negativity is your own responsibility.


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