When Naett described what she wanted for her shoot, I knew that we were going to create some gorgeous images together. She has a flair for art and creativity and in her desire to bring that through in her images, I ventured outside of my comfort zone and explored some uncharted territory in terms of posing and technique.
Naett is a truly inspiring woman who helps people through her mediation and conflict management work. Find out more about what Naett does…
Erica photographed by Abigail K Photography A Cape Town based Portrait Photographer

Meet the Client

Business Name
Naëtt Atkinson Mediator and Mentor
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Explain what you do

I specialise in all aspects of conflict and some of aspects of money! I mediate in a variety of context from Family to Community, run conflict resolution sessions and insight into conflict workshops. I also facilitate financial confidence workshops because I believe that money and conflict often go hand-in-hand.

Who’s your target market?

My target market for the conflict work and the financial work differ.

For the conflict work it is anyone who is in a space of conflict and who would like the services of a mediator to help them resolve the issues as amicably as possible and grow from the experience. This includes, couples or families, workplaces, communities and even old age homes.

The conflict workshops are aimed at giving the individual insight into how they personally deal with conflict so that they can manage conflict in their lives more effectively. These are great fun and full of ah-ha moments!

The financial confidence workshops are aimed at lower income earners, new graduates, people in debt or people who just need to feel a bit more confident about how to manage their money effectively and with confidence.

The financial mentoring is aimed at new EXECS who need to feel more confident with various financial aspects of a company. A bit like Finance for non-financial managers but one-on-one and tailored to the individual.

What problem of theirs do you solve?

I stay calm while they are emotionally hijacked! When you are in conflict you can seldom see the wood for the trees and keep looping a story in your head. I offer a calm, contained space with constructive input so that people can start to see a different future and get to solutions that they are comfortable with.

Most people don’t have financial confidence or they lack the practical and emotional skills to manage money effectively. I solve this problem by giving them insight and tools so that they can effect a lasting change to their circumstances and make more informed decisions.

What makes your product/service/business different?

Possibly me! I have a wide range of experiences, not only in different industries but also cross culturally. This makes me sensitive to people’s needs and where they are at and adds to my desire to offer solutions that are holistic and long lasting and cut through different aspects of an individual’s context, confidence and responsibility for self.

Why do you do what you do?

I love giving people the opportunity, tools, information and space to embrace a new way of being and move out of victim space.

How do you stay motivated?

I believe in what I do and I get to work with a variety of people from all walks of life which keeps it interesting. No two days are the same.

What has been your biggest challenge as a business owner & how did you overcome it?

Starting a business in October not knowing that generally November, December and January are really tough months. Although I had enough savings to keep me going through those months it wasn’t easy and I felt very low at some points.

What advice would you give other business women, either starting out or already in business?

Be open to the fact that things move and change in an organic way. This allows you the possibility to explore more of your talents and adapt and change your offering. Stay positive, if you sincerely believe in the value of what you do, other people will too.

What would you do differently if you could start your business again?

Have a partner to collaborate with for at least some of what I do from the beginning.

What’s next for you and your business? What’s your big dream/goal?

I’m launching a conflict workshop with the CCDI in January. I found a new partner to collaborate with for various workshops. Very exciting. I hope to get more involved in Community meditations and maybe even land redistribution issues.

And my website will finally be ready!

Why did you need a photo shoot?

It was a watershed moment in my life.

What was your expectation for the photo shoot?

To have a variety of photos of me to mark the milestone. Some for business but mostly just for my private memory.

What was your expectation for your images?

That I would like what I see and be surprised.


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