Earlier this year I met this gorgeously, magnetic woman with the most beautifully warm smile and kind heart. Her name is Shungu. After an hour in her hotel room being pampered by Bia from Little Harlequin on makeup and hair, we popped out into the vibrance of Bree Street in Cape Town, on a beautifully sunny morning.

At that time, Shungu was going through a transition phase in her personal and professional life and this shoot marked a significant moment in that journey.

The resulting images from Shungu’s photo shoot are just as bright and vibrant as she is, so take some time and delight in the gorgeousness that is Shungu Chirunda, read what she had to say in her own words…

Erica photographed by Abigail K Photography A Cape Town based Portrait Photographer

Meet the Client

Shungu Chirunda
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I am a Lawyer and Public Policy Specialist working as the Chief of Government and Regulatory Affairs at Zoona.
The reason I did the shoot this year was to mark a point of transformation in my personal life and career.

This year I said “yes” to change…

This year I said “yes” to change, welcoming the inner strength & happiness that came with that decision!
Consciously stepping up and forwards into a call to empower myself and others in country and continent.
Being available to the need to create real change in the lives of others.
Being amazed by the opportunities to listen, learn and lead.
Being exposed to, and awed by, the oceans of courage, wisdom and intelligence in people I encounter working towards finding solutions to real problems…
Allowing innovation, creativity, color, fun, friendship, laughter, support, love – always with cappuccino – to inspire me in this next phase of my journey…
Zoona helps communities in Africa thrive by unleashing emerging entrepreneurs through a franchise model to offer innovative digital financial services to the unbanked and underserved.
My work ensures that Zoona’s market entry, growth and expansion strategies are supported by a robust understanding of regulation and the opportunities available – whether it exists or not. I work to build solid relationships between the company, our regulators, partners policy makers and influencers, ensuring that Zoona has participates in discussions shaping the development of policies or regulation about innovation, development, tech and financial inclusion.

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