Can you hear that? Are those blog crickets? Very possibly. The blog’s been very quiet lately, but fortunately, that’s a sign that I’ve been uber busy.

Wedding season is in full swing and editing deadlines are already looming!

There’s so much more that goes into being a photographer, more than just clicking a button on a camera. SO much more. So to help explain, I  thought I’d introduce you to the team that helps me get all my day to day work done, and helps me keep a work-life balance.

First of all, we have the photographer. That’s pretty much self explanatory.

Then we have the courier. she ensures that all disks, albums and other goodies get sent to the clients.

Next comes the boss. This is the power house behind the team, the motivator. He can be tough sometimes, but he sets the goals and does what’s needed to achieve them!

The marketer is responsible for keeping this blog up to date (tsk-tsk!), keeping the Facebook page and Twitter profiles active and generally getting the word out there through networking online and offline.

The mom is the one who struggles to get out of bed when her furry baby has kept her up all night.

The client liaison answers client emails, questions and any other communication required when it comes to dealing with the clients.

The geek is the one who loses touch with reality and gets lost in the world of apps, plugins and other internet/software related paraphernalia. She doesn’t get out much.

The wife tells everyone else when it’s time to turn off the computers and spend some quality time with the husband.

The accountant is the one sending out the invoices and keeping track on all the spending.

So there’s the team. Feel free to pop any one of them a line…