Name: Yvette Hess

Business Name: Yvette Hess Creative Studio

I’ve known Yvette Hess for many years – she one of those women who I feel like I’ve known my whole life, although I can’t say exactly where or when she became part of my life.

I see in her a fellow creative soul who expresses herself through her art, and who has a deep sense of KNOWING which gets translated through her creations.

Not only is Yvette an insanely talented artist, but she’s wise beyond her years and cares deeply about cultivating the act of creativity as a means of communicating that wisdom – as demonstrated by her deep desire to help others tap into and expand their own creative energy.

What do you do?

I use my creative genius to create artworks that help people connect and enquire into to their true selves, to inspire possibility and to do this in business too!

What makes your product/service/business different?

Besides my jokes and really funky hair, I prize connection over everything. Artworks, writing, and working relationships ought to feel right and feel good.

Why do you do what you do?

I want to show people what true freedom is – freedom from beliefs and systems within us that no longer serve us. Creativity is my tool to teach freedom, which is a tool anyone can learn (and love) to use.

What has been your biggest challenge on your career/business journey & how did you overcome it? 

Overwhelmed by possibilities everywhere.. I am still learning but I have been exercising two ways to help myself: 1. Learning to let go of genius ideas. Just because I develop incredible ideas, it doesn’t mean I have to take on the responsibility of making all of it happen! 2. Being kind to myself. I am my own boss and I can be a pain, so I employed an HR (also me), to help me be a bit kinder to my employee self.

What would you do differently if you could start your journey again?

Get a VA, get someone to help me price my artwork. Oh, and that VA needs to book leave in my calendar because I don’t do that.

How has confidence impacted the success/growth of your business? 

I don’t think artists are very confident. Perhaps when they’re alone and secretly like their own work, they are confident. But out there, in the art world, it can be daunting. One is almost expected to say, “oh thank you, but it’s not that good, it’s not a [insert the name of a master artist here]”, or “it was a happy accident”. It’s like you’re not allowed to be confident because you’re not a master yet. 10 000 hours and scientific analysis of your genius gets you there. You’re also constantly being compared- your choice in subject matter and your skill, to many other artists. To be honest, I like my work. But more importantly, I am confident in trying. I’m confident in my why- whether it is a conscious choice in what to make or write or not. I know why I am creating. So whether it is good or bad, it is honest and true and someone connects with it. My confidence sits there. And no one can take that away from me. Not even an art critic.


What advice would you give other women, either starting out or already in their business/career? 

Give up. Wait, let me finish… I have given up many times. Honestly. I gave up either in the middle of a Depression episode or dealing with the trauma of the past. I gave up when I had no sales. I allowed myself to give up. And I allowed myself to start again- always starting from experience, never from scratch. It feels like building, painting in layers, allowing each layer to dry before moving onto the next. In the end, certain elements shine through- you see the beauty of past experience, but it’s a different picture. And in that way, you keep getting closer to what you want to do or where you want to be. For example, being called a mental health activist is no longer comfortable for me, even though it was part of my journey. But there are elements of that that I have taken i.e, self-empowerment- and tied it to my creative genius, in empowering businesses, for example. But I had to give up, or at least feel all the feelings of quitting that part, of dropping it completely, before I could move forward. Sometimes our work becomes heavy for reasons we can’t always explain, and we have to let go. We have to give up. We have to give in to the voice inside that says, “there’s something else, there’s something more”.

What’s next for you and your journey?

Ah, what a question. There are so many possibilities! My plan is to make the next step of my career undefinable. Yes, undefinable! Why? Because that’s the ultimate freedom.

What one thing would you change (if any) that would make you your most confident self?

I laughed with this question- probably validation.

What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence is knowing there is nothing to prove, even to myself, and showing up in this spirit.

Anything else to add?

Abigail brought me home to myself. She managed to create a safe, fun space in all the locations, in all the details, in every moment, for me to be my true self. It takes more than expert to do that- it takes heart and love and courage. Abigail has a way of taking all your insecurities, acknowledging them but making space for the incredible woman you are inside to shine. She knows how to bring it out almost effortlessly. Veterans of this know though, that a talent like this comes from years of experience and being very intimate with one’s own journey and experiences. She is that mirror that cheers you on, shows you the version of you, you often forget or neglect. And she’s capturing every glimpse of magic as you start to see yourself! Thank you Abigail for bringing me, me.

Creative Collaboration

When given the opportunity to collaborate with a fellow creative like Yvette, of course you know I’m going to jump at the chance. Which is why I’m thrilled to share this special offer, along with Yvette & Jo Petzer from Cosmic Creations.


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