I’m always in awe of people who can, with apparent ease, talk with confidence in front of a large and varied audiences. Being in the early stages of my own public speaking career, I admire those who come before me with curiosity and fascination. And then – to meet someone like Aletta who not only does the public speaking, but teaches it too! Well, my curiosity and fascination goes through the roof! I’ve seen the ripple effects of confidence time and time again, and I’m sure Aletta can attest  to the fact that once you become confident in one skillset or situation, the confidence becomes contagious in other areas too. I am so honoured to be able to create portraits for Aletta who, in doing the work she’s doing, is sending out tsunami’s of confidence across the globe! Find out more about the amazing work that Aletta does…

Erica photographed by Abigail K Photography A Cape Town based Portrait Photographer

Meet the Client

Business Name
Voicing your Potential
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Explain what you do

I help you stand out when you speak up. I teach you how to connect, engage and persuade others so that you can be more successful.

Who’s your target market?

People who speak when promoting their business, their brand or their company. People who want to build their reputation and influence.

What problem of theirs do you solve?

Not knowing how to clarify their message and connect with their audience.

What makes your product/service/business different?

I transform communication by teaching others how to connect, engage and persuade.

Why do you do what you do?

I love seeing people become way more successful after they have worked with me.

What has been your biggest challenge as a business owner & how did you overcome it?

Building my confidence to keep promoting my ideas and my business.

What advice would you give other business women, either starting out or already in business?

Believe in yourself, surround yourself with others along the same journey.

What would you do differently if you could start your business again?

I would create a system to capture leads from day one.

What’s next for you and your business? What’s your big dream/goal?

I will soon be publishing another book and creating an online course.

Why did you need a photo shoot?

The “excuse” for having the photo shoot was a desperate need to obtain decent photos of myself for online marketing… The true authentic reason was to “prove” to myself that with an authentic photographer behind the camera the true authentic me could actually be depicted in a photograph… the bonus turned out to be that I actually look pretty good in the resulting authentic photos!

What was your expectation for the photo shoot?

To update my images that I use for my business.

What was your expectation for your images?

To enjoy myself and to be delighted with the images.

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