Jenny epitomises my ideal client. She’s a creative entrepreneur, she’s an expert in her field growing her way to the top of her industry, she understands that her relationships with her clients is as important as the results she creates for them, she’s warm and engaging and she’s an all-round awesome person. We met for the first time at a networking meeting where we were sat next to each other. We didn’t really get much opportunity to chat but, boy, did we make up for it when we met for a coffee a few week later when Jenny had asked to schedule a headshot shoot! What’s normally a 1 hour chat about the upcoming photoshoot turned into an entire afternoon discussion about essentially the meaning of life! THIS is why I love connecting with my clients and why I count myself so blessed to attract the kind of women that I do. The richness of every interaction is a gift, and that’s truly how I feel about meeting and working with Jenny. But enough girl-crushing, this is about Jenny. Find out more about what this talented woman does with her time, energy and creativity. 

Erica photographed by Abigail K Photography A Cape Town based Portrait Photographer

Meet the Client

Business Name
Red Cat Design
Website address
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Explain what you do

I’m an architectural + interior designer creating beautiful homes which enhance the life of my clients

Who’s your target market?

Both private individuals as well as property developers. The majority of design work is aimed at creating the prefect family home.

What problem of theirs do you solve?

If the project is an alteration to an existing home, I adapt + reconfigure the layout, + transform an unloved ugly duckling into a swan. If the brief involves the design of a new home, I turn an overgrown, vacant site into a warm, welcoming space.

How do you make their lives (and the world) better?

I firmly believe that good design makes the world go round. Home is where you start + end your day, + a well designed space has the ability to positively influence your day, + therefore, the day of those with whom you interact.

What makes your product/service/business different?

As I have a unique background of both interior design as well as architecture, I approach the design process differently from someone who is trained in only one of the disciplines. I am able to create spaces that look great both inside + out, as well as being highly functional.

Why do you do what you do?

I wouldn’t dream of doing anything else! I was drawn to design at a very early age + it’s become an integral part of who I am. I love connecting with my clients to find out their needs, the challenge of developing a design + the satisfaction when it all comes together.

How do you stay motivated?

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated, but I’ve found that if I spend time outside, connecting with nature- feeling the wind chill my cheeks, the smell of damp earth + the sound of birds calling- this helps hugely. If getting outdoors isn’t possible, breaking tasks down into lists + ticking items off, brings a sense of achievement that keeps me going.

What has been your biggest challenge as a business owner & how did you overcome it?

I’ve been blessed in many aspects of my career + business journey. I’d say that the biggest challenge, + this is an ongoing one, is to understand the value that I bring to clients + charge them accordingly. As I enjoy what I do, often it doesn’t feel like work, so I don’t charge for all the time I’ve spent. Any form of design is incredibly time consuming + sometimes it’s hard to justify the amount of time an item took.

What advice would you give other business women, either starting out or already in business?

Embrace the challenges- you’re capable of more than you think.

What would you do differently if you could start your business again?

To tell you the truth, not much. It’s had it’s ups and downs, but it’s ultimately brought me to where I am now.

What’s next for you and your business? What’s your big dream/goal?

I’ve never been much of a goal setter or planner, I’ve always allowed things to happen very organically + that’s worked well for me. But I think it’s time to take a more strategic look at what I want + how to get there.

Why did you need a photo shoot?

I recently had the honour of having a space I designed featured in a magazine. The magazine received a request for some more info on the space + wanted to include my answer in their ‘Ask the Experts’ section with a photo. I don’t like photos of myself + decided that if I had to supply a photo it had better be the best I could!

What was your expectation for the photo shoot?

Initially I thought it would be hard + not the most pleasant experience, but as the date of it drew nearer, I started to look forward to it.

What was your expectation for your images?

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like them, but I was wrong! I love them. I’m slowly putting them in out in the big wide world- it feels odd as I’ve always actively avoided selfies, etc.

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