Tiffany reached out to me from Spain a few weeks before she was due to arrive for a short break here in Cape Town. While she was here, she wanted to get a Personal Branding shoot done for her business that helps female entrepreneurs with their online advertising. Personally I know what a minefield it is to deal with all things Google Ads and Facebook Ads, so I was thrilled to meet a real, in-person woman who’s helping entrepreneurs like me navigate this unknown world of online business. What struck me as so relevant about the work that Tiffany does and the images she wanted to create for her website, was the need for that personal touch. To know that you’ve got someone kind and caring in your corner, to help you navigate and grow this important side of your marketing strategy, who only wants the best for you, is exactly the kind of person I’d like to have on my team. So that makes me so grateful that I can help Tiffany make those important connections with her clients because the work she’s doing really is life and business changing!
Find out more about what Tiffany does and HOW she does it, and of course, check out her awesome new images!
Erica photographed by Abigail K Photography A Cape Town based Portrait Photographer

Meet the Client

Business Name
Social Media Links

Explain what you do

I help ambitious and spiritual women entrepreneurs promote their businesses online with Google Ads.

Who’s your target market?

I work with women entrepreneurs who are moms, or not, but who all have something in common…they approach life with kindness, love and compassion. Their businesses range from yoga and wellness retreats, wedding venues and planners to dental practices with a twist.

What problem of theirs do you solve?

Many women entrepreneurs try to do everything themselves (we naturally have a tendency to multitask) however promoting their businesses on Google Ads requires experience and skill otherwise it can end up costing a lot of money with little to no return. This can be scary, overwhelming and frustrating for them. Being an entrepreneur is also a very lonely path so when I team up with them all of a sudden they have a partner in crime, they are no longer isolated.

How do you make their lives (and the world) better?

I take over the promotion of their off their hands and set up powerful lead and sales generating campaigns so they can focus on the “fun” parts of running their business. They also get: • Peace of mind that they do not need to navigate the ever-changing environment of online marketing with new algorithms, interfaces and trends. • Less stress as they will feel confident that I am part of their team with their business’ best intentions at heart. I will fight for their business and recommend and implement the best strategies that bring in the leads and sales they need. • A colleague to discuss and bounce off ideas for their business. This is the fun part as they will not be working in isolation anymore. They will become clearer about their vision, direction for their business and reignite the fire within them to drive their business to success!

What makes your product/service/business different?

I offer a very personal service. I believe in building a relationship with my clients so that they feel heard and supported in their journey of business success. There are many online advertising agencies that take your money and automate everything even when it comes to communication. This is not the route I take as each and every client is precious to me and I give them the attention they need and work hard for their results.

Why do you do what you do?

I am passionate about helping women and especially to see them succeed in business. In my previous business, many times I felt undermined as a woman. This has ignited a fire in me to support fellow female entrepreneurs to show everyone out there that we are powerful and successful. On the Google Ads side, I am obsessed with data and the thrill I get when I have set up a campaign and I can see the leads or sales flowing in!

How do you stay motivated?

Waking up in the morning and seeing the results of my campaigns. Being able to let my clients know how many leads or sales they have made is amazing! and then of course the kind words of my clients letting me know how much I have helped them.

What has been your biggest challenge as a business owner & how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge has been my biggest motivator. I owned a furniture and home decor import business. I felt I was not respected or taken as serious when it came to negotiations than if I had been a man.

What advice would you give other business women, either starting out or already in business?

That the fear of failure is our biggest hindrance in life. I feel failure should be seen as a positive instead of a negative…because if you have failed it means you have tried which is so much more than most do with their lives.

What would you do differently if you could start your business again?

Start earlier! To not let fear of failure stop me from taking the risks of being an entrepreneur.

What’s next for you and your business? What’s your big dream/goal?

To grow my business so that I can help more women entrepreneurs succeed.

Why did you need a photo shoot?

I needed personal branding photos for my business so I could show my potential clients who I am. To use them to connect with them.

What was your expectation for the photo shoot?

Professional, relaxed and that I would connect with you as a person.

What was your expectation for your images?

Fresh, clean and that captured me.

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