Every Monday morning it’s time to back into the swing of the work week after a lovely relaxing weekend. It’s made even worse when the weekend has been enjoyably spent with family and friends. I literally have to imagine myself putting on my work hat again and retune my settings into ‘business owner’ FM!

I must be honest, I do LOVE being a photographer and more importantly, a business owner. I love the challenge of it all, the constant drive to improve, succeed and to be tough on myself.

This weekend, though was a non-working weekend.  I had my folks visiting from out of town. I realised that the last time I saw them was when we were on holiday in March when my brother and his family came to South Africa from the UK. It also made me realise that I STILL hadn’t gone through our holiday snaps!! You know how it goes – the story of the cobblers shoes or the mechanic’s car. As a photographer, I’m always so focussed on my client’s photos and deadlines, I rarely do anything with the personal photos I take.

Well, last week, prior to their arrival, I did spend some time editing some of our holiday pics. It made me realise, that I should prioritise my own photos as much as I prioritise those of my clients. Looking back at my nephew, I can see how much he has grown in the short time from our holiday in March to now, when I think of our regular Facetime calls to overseas.

This was my nephew’s first experience on a beach, so here’s just a few special holiday snaps….