If you were in the Western Cape this weekend, you’ll know that it was a wet, cold weekend! So cold in fact, that snow fell in some areas, roads closed and generally the Cape took on a distinctly UK flavour. Cold. Grey. Wet.

I would have happily stayed in bed all weekend, however we did venture out on Saturday, under the advisement of our mobile devices’ weather apps. Partly cloudy and a few light showers, it said. We were planning on heading out to Franschhoek to enjoy the annual Bastille Festival. We had decided that we’d wake up on Saturday morning, see how the weather was and decide whether to go or not.

So, trusting our handy weather app, off we went. All looked promising for most of the drive. That is, until we got into Franschhoek itself. From a distance, the small town had own of those, almost cartoon-like, grey clouds hovering overhead, with grey sheets of rain offloading directly beneath it.

Still we continued.

Our intention was to walk around, pop in from place to place shopping, tasting, trying new things. We saw the parade marching up the street, but immediately after that the heavens opened. From then on, we endured intermittent, almost horizontal sheets of rain. We did our best to make light of it, stopping in a couple of places to enjoy a warm beverage or two. With the best of intentions we tried to stick it out, but our cold, wet feet and trousers, forced us to concede and we huddled back into the warmth of the car for the long drive home.

Call us light-weight. Meh. I’m still glad we went. Next time though, I think I’ll pack my scuba gear!

Clearly not happy to be out in the cold!

Where we stopped for something warm!

Bastille Festival Franschhoek

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