This weekend I made a decision. Yep, li’l ol’ me actually made a decision.

And that decision is to do only those things that, either directly or indirectly, make me happy.

For instance, I had such a ball doing the engagement shoot of Jocelyn and Ryan last week and am loving editing their pictures.

I was second shooter, for the first time, for Christine Watters at a wedding on Saturday. Being second shooter really gave me insight into my own techniques when shooting a wedding and I enjoyed that process of analysis.

I watched the Olympics on Sunday and was amazed by the determination of the athletes to always better themselves and improve on their last personal best records. I’m inspired by them to always clock a personal best with each shoot. That challenge alone is enjoyable.

I’m busy reading (read: listening to) a book by Peter Jones called How To Do Everything and Be Happy. I’m only half way through it, but already the points he makes are resonating with me and starting to make me think differently about what I choose to spend my time on.

As Peter puts it, imagine your time is like money and you invest it into an account. This bank has a strict policy of a mandatory daily withdrawal of 24 hours. How you spend those hours is up to you, however, you can never deposit the left over hours you haven’t used up, you can never build up a reserve of time credit. You also can’t get any statements to see where you spent your time. You never know how much time you have left either.

So imagine this is how real banks worked?

You’d make damn sure you spent your money wisely on things that had meaning for you. You’d start to plan how you want to spend it.

As such we should do the same with our time.

So that got me thinking. What are the things I enjoy doing?

Being creative. Taking photos of people, specifically couples. Taking photos of pretty things. Meeting new people. Learning new things. Trying new things. FOOD! Travel. Helping animals. Shoes. Noticing small details and finding the beauty. This list will invariably grow as I start to become more mindful noticing what makes me happy.

So I’ve started to think about what my day-to-day activities look like. I’m going to do more of the things I like and less of the things I don’t. If some of those things I don’t like are necessary, I’ll delegate.

What things make you happy? Do you spend your time doing things that make you happy?