It’s Monday already and the weekend is a distant memory. We enjoyed a very chilled and relaxed weekend, with neither the hubby nor I officially working. I attended a lighting workshop at SA Camera on Saturday followed by an afternoon of playing around at home, trying out the techniques I’d learnt in the morning.
Here’s a couple of the shots I took around the house….

Once I’d finished playing around, I logged on to one of my favourite websites, CreativeLIVE to see what photography workshop they were teaching. After a few hours of watching, I googled some more lighting and photography techniques and spent the rest of the afternoon scouring through masses of blogs and articles on the subject. Then it struck me! I’m one of those photographers! I do photography, even in my down time.

I’ve never seen myself as one of those photographers that eat, sleep, drink, work and play photography. 3 or 4 years ago, I would never have guessed I’d spend all my time, both personal and professional, thinking about photography, learning about photography, practising photography and talking about photography. Sure I enjoyed it back then, but I didn’t obsess about it.
So here I find myself, proudly obsessing, constantly reading up about it, constantly trying new things and looking to understand more and always aiming to improve on my current knowledge and skill base.
When I was at school, and even in university, I would often approach my studying for exams or doing homework with a more than lacklustre urgency. I always did well, fortunately, but there was never a burning desire from inside that drove me to want to know more about the subject at hand.
I guess this is what it feels like when you find your passion. Your purpose. Your calling. Whatever you want to call it.
Like it’s a part of you, that exists outside of you. That thing that makes you come alive. It comforts you and scares you all at the same time. Something that you’re constantly striving to reconnect with.
So here I am – a little obsessed (self diagnosed with Obsessive Photography Disorder), a whole lot more knowledgeable and ten tonnes of happy!