STEP 1: Create Your Featured Image

You’ll need a Canva account to create the image (it’s free and easy!)

How to create the featured image:

  • Change your name and business name and upload your favourite image from the shoot. (please use the high resolution version!)
  • Drag and drop the image into the image placeholder.
  • Download it as a PNG saving the file as your name.
  • Upload your image in the form below…


Step 2: Complete the Form below…

You recently had a photoshoot with me to create some images for your business and I'd love to feature you on my blog to bring you extra exposure to your business and to demonstrate my photography portfolio. Please complete the following questionnaire relating to your business, experience of the shoot and photo outcome. Your answers will serve both as valuable feedback to help me provide a better service in the future, as well as the main body to accompany the blog post in which I’ll be sharing your images on my blog. I do check your submission before it’s shared publically, so feel free to share candid feedback, which will be removed from the rest of the post.   Please take your time and complete the questions as thoroughly as possible to ensure that the blog post fully reflects the value you add to your customers and clients, and so readers can be inspired by the impact you're having on the world!   If necessary, set aside a specific time to do the submission. At least 10 minutes.
PRO TIP: Write & save your answers to the questions on a word document first, then copy and paste your answers into the form accordingly. That way, if there's any technical glitches with the submission process, you can simply copy and paste your answers again. #technicalglitchesdohappen
Copy and paste the title format, and replace placeholders as relevant. COPY: Meet the Client | {your name} from {your business name}
Show/hide terms
Only images that you have purchased will be used in conjunction with this blog post. You acknowledge that by submitting this form, you agree with the Terms and Conditions.

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