Last week I had a bit of a wobbly week. I had a wee bit of admin to catch up on after taking a couple of days off to go visit my folks, and I also moved my natural light studio to a salon down the road.

Up until last week, I had been doing my beauty shoots from home. With my dog. In my bedroom. Which was fine, while I was shooting people that I know on a personal basis. But over time, as I’ve become busier, and I’m starting to shoot people I don’t know at all, I’ve started to feel a little more pressure to take my shoots outside of my home. Having to warn people about my grumpy dog, and having to do a mass house cleaning before every shoot was beginning to weigh on me.

So, thanks to the lovely team at Head Boys Hair Salon at 46 Main Road, Claremont, I’m now officially shooting in their lovely, light-filled space!

It also means that not only do you get your hair and makeup done for the shoot in the salon, but also, if you’re wanting an EXTREME makeover, you’ll be in the right place!

Philip, the owner of the salon also produces his own line of organic products called Philip & Friends. Ranging from shampoos and conditioners to miracle creams. I LOVE that the ingredients are all natural and especially that they are ‘tested on humans’. For the Win!

So feel free to pop in for a spot of pampering from the Head Boys team, and while you’re at it, book a shoot!

I sense some exciting things ahead!

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